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Updated Workbox Activity Cards

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Just to let you know…I’ve updated the Workbox Activity Cards and added a few new tags after you all requested them. There are now a total 72 activity cards and 16 minute time cards and 12 blank cards.

 Workbox Picture Cards 2  Workbox Picture Cards 3    Workbox Picture Cards 4  Workbox Picture Cards 5   

Workbox Cards 4

Here are some of the additions:

  • Foreign languages ~ French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Greek
  • Subject cards ~ Bible, math, language, history, nature study, music appreciation, circle time
  • Sports ~ volleyball, soccer, trampoline, swimming, baseball, softball, basketball, karate and running
  • Extras ~ chores, video games, music practice, chess, violin, audiobook, clean-up, church, file folders, guitar and field trip and more…

If you need a good laugh, go check out Jodi’s post on her laminating adventures over at Granola Mom for God…I’m apparently an enabler ~ but you can thank her for the ‘potty’ card that was added to the mix! :)

Additional Workbox Resources

~ Workbox Weekly Grid ~ pdf download of the pages I put together for our kids including pink, purple, blue, green and white pages for Monday through Friday.

~ Preschool Number Cards ~ Number cards with some fun characters {if you are using the traditional workbox system}

~ Workbox system using number strips and workfolders {our system last year}

~ Velcro in BULK. I purchased the 3/8” velcro dots from Textol Systems but have also found larger coins at even better prices from Feiner Supply {and they have free shipping this month!}

~ Lots of great workbox links, ideas and ways to adjust the workbox system.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Great resources

  2. nicole mcdole says

    I just tried opening the activity cards and it says the file is damaged :(

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