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The Week We Voted

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Preschool CornerThe big excitement this week was quite obviously the election. The kids were rather thrilled that they were able to walk up with me and watch me fill in my ballot.

The stickers at the end were just as fun too. They all think they are hilarious. {I might agree}.

Kaleb vote sticker

We have two different learning groups that we are a part of {call me crazy}, and Tuesday was our morning to spend with one of the groups. Kaleb spent his time learning about caves and bats. They built caves using sugar cubes and clay and had much fun….and I have no pictures to show for it.

Geography Time

We’re using Little Passports for geography this year and Kaleb is really enjoying it.

Little Passports

This week we ‘traveled’ to Brazil and learned about the red-faced monkey, amethyst caves and more. Next week we’ll be doing some of the online adventures that are a part of Little Passports – and Kaleb is thrilled because he has a chance to be on the computer.

We’ve also been talking about the continents and how we live in North America and Brazil was in South America, the size of Brazil compared to other countries {the US, Canada, China, etc…}, and looking at the countries that border Brazil.

Math Time

We’re into a new month – so some new pages in our Calendar Notebook. We may have {ahem} forgotten to work on it last week, so we caught up on it this week.

calendar notebook

Math is really one area that Kaleb enjoys tremendously. He absolutely loves math facts and memorizing them. I can honestly say that he has a better handle on his math facts compared to his siblings at his age/grade. Not sure if it’s the Saxon math or just him, but it’s really fun to see. At the dinner table this week, he answered a bunch of addition problems for us and was excited to have his little moment in the spotlight. {We were excited too!}


One of Kaleb’s favorite hands-on toy are the big bag of Wedgits that we have. We have the Wedgits starter kit and a deck of the Wedgit design cards – definitely a purchase that was well worth the investment!

Preparing Ahead

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be working on some Thanksgiving fun and getting ready to celebrate Advent. I’m really excited about a few of the resources we’ll be using with Kaleb and Zachary {especially the Everyday Emmanuel from What’s in the Bible}. The boys are going to LOVE it. Take a peek at our favorite Advent and Christmas resources for a coupon code too!

Did you take your kids along with you when you voted this week? What was their favorite part?


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