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Since Facebook changed the way they let others see posts {i.e. based on if a post is paid to promote or not}, I’ve noticed a drop in those that actually see updates and things that are shared on the Homeschool Creations Facebook page.

When I find a great deal or have something fun to share, I don’t always write a post about it on my blog, but rather share it on my Facebook page.

If you haven’t been seeing status updates and posts in your stream, you may want to try these two things to help you out.

Facebook Page

Once you ‘like’ the page, be sure that you have checked the ‘Show in News Feed’ option as well. This way you will see the question and answer threads,  curriculum deals, free Kindle updates, links to wonderful printables and posts from friends, coupon codes and so much more.

Update: A reader also emailed me about creating ‘Interest Lists’ {something new on Facebook} to ensure that you are seeing all updates. Blogging with Amy has a great post on how to create interest lists on Facebook that you should check out!

AND – I’ll be able to interact more with you all as well! If you aren’t already a friend I’d love to have you join us on the Homeschool Creations Facebook page – and look forward to chatting with you more!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Show in Newsfeed isn’t enough! They need to add to Interest Lists. I created a list called “Show Me!” and added everything to that. I get way more posts from the pages I follow on that list than on my newsfeed.

  2. I purposely do not do face book, so is there any other way to get these things you are discussing? I choose not to do fb as I know myself and how I could/would get caught up in it. It’s hard sometimes not keeping up with everyone, but my family comes first.

    • Rhoda, I’m not sure what to suggest in that case. I purposefully don’t share them on the blog because some of them are time sensitive {sales/specials} and it also can be overwhelming to have so many blog posts {i.e. readers really don’t like that!}. Facebook has been the happy medium where I can share a few things each day {like links to things I’ve found from other’s blogs, Kindle books, etc…}, without taking a lot of extra time to on my end. Facebook is a quick on/off for me. :) The updates usually always post to Twitter as well, but typically they end up redirecting to Facebook if they are too long to share there {140 characters}.

      I’m sorry I don’t have another suggestion!

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