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Tadpoles, Slugs, and Fun

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You may sit and look at the picture below and wonder ‘What in the world are those boys doing with the salt?’ If I told you they found a slug in the woods and decided to bring it home solely for the purpose of seeing what would happen when they put salt on it, would you understand?

Kindergarten and Slug-1

It wasn’t a happy ending for the slug, but the boys were…well, boys.

This week we didn’t have a particular theme in place again. I had something in mind, but the week was so crazy that I couldn’t pull together what I needed and wanted to do. Instead, we read a lot together and focused more on the basics and reviewing a few essential things as we start the year.

Learning about Queen Esther

You may remember that I shared we were using the Esther Bible Study from Grapevine. We work on half of a lesson every few days and I love that we call ALL do this together – including Kaleb.

Kindergarten Week 4-1

The stick figures are easy for him to draw along with us {and his may look better than mine at times!}. He loves the different colors he gets to use {grins}.

More Calendar Time

The calendar notebook printables have truly been one of the best helps so far this year for Kaleb. First thing in the morning, he works on his big pocket chart calendar and then the monthly page in his notebook – just to show me he can do it by himself!

Kindergarten Week 4-2

We wrapped up our month and answered a few questions early.

Kindergarten Week 4-3

We still work together on the first few pages of the Calendar Notebook together each day, but I love that he has taken the initiative to work on a few pages by himself!!

Science Learning

While we were learning about the five senses in our kindergarten science this week, I looked over to find Kaleb playing with our colonial doll to give examples of the senses. Just made me smile – below he is showing how ‘seeing’ is one of our senses.

Kindergarten Week 4-4

We’ve had much fun talking about the different senses that we use each day. Tasting different foods. Feeling for objects inside a paper bag. Trying to identify things by smell. Realizing that we can feel with things other than our hands.

Watching little things ‘click’ in Kaleb’s mind just makes it all so fun!


And in exciting news in our house, one of our tadpoles is growing little legs!! Excuse the cloudy water – those things are d.i.r.t.y. and are about ready to head back to the creek after a ‘show and tell’ time next week. We have seven of them that like to keep the water nasty {in this mom’s book}.

We also watched out last monarch caterpillar head into its’ chrysalis. Thankfully that means no more milkweed {phew!}. We had six this year and are waiting on the last 2 butterflies now to hatch.

Ready to Read More!!

We’ve also reviewed all of our All About Reading lessons and are ready to move along in the program {YAY!}. Because of the space theme, Kaleb is eager to work through it because we are planning a trip to the air and space museum when he finishes the program – and some space ice cream too!

That’s about it in our house this week – what learning has been going on in your home?

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  • Mr. Linky isn’t showing up for me.

    You are very brave to have tadpoles in the house! Not sure I could do it.

  • I’m trying to edit the post to add it and having some major issues with the site. Can you check to see if you see the linky now {I can finally}. Thanks for your patience!! :)

  • My son would LOVE that tadpole!!

  • we have seven – does he want one? :)

  • Jenny

    I remember putting salt on slugs. It’s kind of morbid, but neat.

  • Claire

    Boys really will be boys! I only have one but he is hardwired completely differently to his four sisters. We’ve had to create a nook downstairs for his ‘science’ experiments. I was slightly alarmed with the collection of living experiments growing in his bedroom!!

  • haha – that’s great, Claire!! :)

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