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Summer Homeschool Plans

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The words ‘summer school’ have such a bad rap, so maybe I should just call them ‘Our Summer Plans’, eh? Our kids are doing great, but we’re spreading out some of the basic subjects and covering them over the summer months.

We’ve wrapped up the bulk of our curriculum and have a few loose ends to tie up, but here are the areas we’ll be touching on at least once a week:

Language: We started using First Language Lessons in the fall and are on the fast-track to finish the 200 lessons in a year time frame. We don’t have too much more to finish this book up, but this way we’ll be ready to move onto the next level in the fall.

Spelling: The kids enjoy our All About Spelling lessons, so we’re going to continue with one lesson a week to keep them in the loop and remembering. :) I’m also going to be pulling out our All About Homophones book to do a little work with the girls since there have been a few words cropping up lately that fall into those tricky-to-spell categories.

Math: The last few weeks of school we actually switched over math curriculum {I’ll share more on that later!!}. It was a much needed change for Laurianna and we’ll work on this several times a week for both her and McKenna.

Writing: Pen pals are going to be top of the list to keep this active with the girls. Both girls have also started their own blogs {which are rather sweet} ~ can’t imagine where they got that idea from…

Science: Nature walks and lots of fun science experiments. Need I say more?

Fun!! Lots of that will be in the mix as well as just relaxing, reading and enjoying spending time together.

What are your summer plans? Do you still have a few loose ends to wrap up? Are you going to plug along throughout the summer? Are you doing a little happy dance because your school year is officially over?

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Padavali says

    We just started the next grade up 3 months ago, we HS all year round, take breaks as needed wanted and move up where ever it lands in the year. I think I will be lucky to get 3 days of lessons a week during this summer, and I know there will be plenty of weeks where it will just be a unit study going on. Family visits, all of her sports, VBS, music, camping, sailing etc will eat up most of the summer :)

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