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Pattern Block Mats and Cards – New Printables

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We have a huge bin of colorful pattern blocks in our house that I just can’t bring myself to give away. There’s something about sitting down with them when kids come to visit (or we just want to have a little fun) that makes me want to hang onto them for quite some time. 

To go along with the blocks, we now have a few sets of alphabet pattern block cards inside our bin so we can pull them out for learning fun with the nieces and nephews that visit.

And I would love to share these printables with you all as well! 

Mini Pattern Block Cards – Subscriber Freebie!

The Mini Pattern Block Cards are a brand new subscriber freebie. These cards print off four to a page (so each card is quarter-page size).

There are two sets included in this printable: one set of uppercase letter cards and one set of lowercase letter cards. 

Each card also has a small uppercase and lowercase letter in the upper right corner showing the represented letter, so children can use the cards as an uppercase/lowercase matching opportunity as well. 

Personally, I suggest laminating the cards for added durability – little hands might make a mess of them otherwise! :) Somehow I don’t think that just our house, right? 


If you’d like to download this freebie, simply click the green button below to subscribe. You’ll be sent an email with the password (and you’ll receive emails from me). 

Are you already an email subscriber? Please go to this private page and enter the NEW password. You can find the password in your most current email at the very bottom. Become a subscriber HERE and receive instant access. 


If you would rather not subscribe, you can find this printable in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store and purchase it HERE for $1.50


Uppercase and Lowercase Pattern Block Mats

I also put together two additional sets that I absolutely love: pattern block mats for both uppercase and lowercase letters. Both sets are full-sized (8.5 x 11 sheets) and work with a 1:1 size for each of the pattern blocks, so kids can place the blocks directly onto the mats as they build the letters. The uppercase and lowercase sets are each 52 pages. 

There are two sets included in each 52 page printable set: one includes a letter page with the alphabet letter only and the second includes the letter as well as several pictures of words that begin with that letter sound. 

For added learning, use the “how many?” area at the bottom of the pages to count how many pattern blocks of each type are used in creating the letters.

Number Pattern Block Mats

The Pattern Block Number Mats feature numbers from zero to twenty. Each mat includes the number word at the top, a space for children to build the number using pattern blocks, and then an area to count the blocks used to build the number (21 pages).


Purchase the Pattern Block Mats

Each of these sets can be purchased in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on the graphics or the below links. 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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