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Nancy Larson Homeschool Science Review

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Nancy Larson Homeschool Science

Until this year, science was one of my LEAST favorite areas to teach the kids. It was the one thing that I went to our homeschool convention hoping to find. When I passed the booth for Nancy Larson Homeschool Science, I was intrigued. After stopping by, I ended up spending {literally} hours talking with the ladies there. It was the BEST stop of my convention trip.

We received this product at no cost in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are solely mine.

We’ve been using Nancy Larson Homeschool Science 1 for the last 6 weeks and science time has become one of the most enjoyable and fun subjects we work on together as a family. The kids don’t want to stop and because of how the lessons are put together, neither do I!

A Complete Homeschool Science Curriculum

Nancy Larson Homeschool Science is a complete homeschool science program that currently has three levels available with an emphasis on Life Science for Science 1, Physical Science in Science 2, and Earth and Space in Science 3. We are using Science 1 with our oldest three children, and it focuses on the following areas:

  • Developmental Biology: life stages of human beings
  • Botany: observing trees
  • Earth and Space: exploring sunlight, water and soil
  • Zoology: investigating animals and their habitats
  • Anatomy: discovering what is inside our bodies
  • Entomology: examining the characteristics and life cycle of insects

Nancy Larson Science 1


The Science 1 complete program includes a Teacher’s Manual, Student Materials, Resource Materials, and a Tool Kit ~ almost everything that you need to begin using it immediately {minus the pens, pencils and some basic household items} with one child. Additional student units can be ordered if you want to use the same level with more than one child.

Nancy Larson teacher's manualThe Teacher’s Manual is AMAZING!! The lesson plans are scripted, giving examples of what the teacher and student dialogue should be and lessons are completely laid out for the teacher. Supply lists are included at the start of each lesson, so you can quickly grab what you need and have it ready for the lesson {a big help!}. You can view a sample of a lesson here.

Each level of the Nancy Larson Science program includes the following learning tools in the Student Material packet:

Nancy Larson Studen Materials

  • Student Booklets ~ help children highlight important information from the lessons, draw pictures that correspond to the lessons, and record information that they are learning during their lessons
  • Lesson Reviews ~ questions to help the children review information from the current and prior lessons
  • Study Guides ~ a review of the information in the student booklets
  • Assessments ~ a little something to help you assess what your child is learning from the lessons.

Laurianna science

Laurianna illustrating a lesson in her Student Booklet

Each Science Level also includes a Teacher Resource CD that provides extra information relevant to that level: complete supply lists, photographs to go along with lessons, word lists, and more.

The Tool Kit for the Science 1 program includes all of the hand-on manipulatives and books that you will use throughout the year: pine cones, tree cookie, hand lens, x-ray set, Live Butterfly Garden®, Butterfly Larvae Coupon, Ladybug Land™, Ladybug Larvae Coupon, insect learning cards, plastic insects and spiders set, and the following books: What Do Scientists Do?, Peterson First Guide to Trees, Trees to Paper, Familiar Insects and Spiders, Your Insides, and The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree.

You can view more information on any of the homeschool science programs on Nancy Larson’s website.

My Thoughts

I don’t know that I can say that I have one favorite thing about the program, because it all fits together as a wonderful program. Having everything I could possibly need included in the Complete Program is definitely wonderful. I didn’t have to run around town to find random items or hunt down random books to use with the program. I also love that I don’t need to plan any lessons because it is all done for me!

I mentioned that we’ve been using it with our three oldest children {ages 5, 7, and 9}. Nancy Larson Homeschool Science has literally turned our science learning time around. We have our science time twice a week and when we have finished one lesson, the kids all beg me to keep going. This is a huge difference from year’s prior when the kids did not want to work on what we were supposed to…and neither did I. We all look forward to science time now and I look forward to using future levels of Nancy Larson Homeschool Science.

While talking to the ladies from Nancy Larson science at the homeschool convention, I was amazed to hear that seven years of research, planning, and development go into EACH level of the curriculum. It is field tested for several years of that time, so that when it arrives on your doorstep you are ready to go. I can’t say enough how thoroughly impressed I am with the curriculum as a whole ~ or how highly I recommend it to other homeschool families. Find Out More You can view and purchase all of the products available from Nancy Larson Homeschool Science on her website.

A few other things to note:

  • Science 1 is designed for ages 5-8; Science 2 for ages 7-9; Science 3 for ages 8-11
  • Science K Homeschool Kit is scheduled to be released the summer of 2011. Science 4 Homeschool Kit should release the summer of 2012. Science 5 Homeschool Kit is scheduled to be released summer of 2013.
  • Check out the Blooming Scientists blog ~ the homeschooling parent community from Nancy Larson.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or contact Madon Dailey directly, a representative of Nancy Larson Homeschool, if you have any specific questions. She is wonderful and would be happy to help you out!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Thanks for clarifying what it covers. Science 1 is on our list for the upcoming year but I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t have to edit it if it talked about evolution or a 6000 year old earth. :)

    I am excited for such a hands on curriculum!

  2. Hi, thanks for this review. I am choosing a Grade 1 Science program for our daughter at the moment. Do you or anyone else have any ideas on some additional ways I can add in creationist twist to it? Or more of a Christian spin. Are there any good Christian resources I could use…I was wondering whether using Apologia’s texts would work…
    Thanks heaps, Sherid

  3. Lvoekermit says

    Sience K looks wonderful, too.  I continue to ask God for this curriculum.  The student packets are not expensive and all the materials are available in the kit.

  4.  I will have a 6 and 9 year old and was thinking of doing Science 1 or 2 with them together.  How did you enhance or beef it up for your older daughter as my son will need that?  I am also asking Madon, but I’d love to hear your side first hand when you get a free moment.  Thank you!

    • Laurianna will do additional ‘research’ based on the topic that we are studying. Depending on how the level is broken up into sections, she can write reports on the topic, read books on that subject, etc… :). At times we’ve added lapbooks to learn about something more in-depth {like when we did birds}. Hope that helps some.

  5. Hey Jolanthe!  Madon has mentioned you warmly several times and I stumbled upon your blog looking for reviews on Teaching Textbooks (Thanks for your review!).  I wanted to mention that a good middle school step up from NL Science is one we are using for our oldest going into 8th grade.  We all LOVED NL, but he is sadly aging out before her upper levels are completed.  We found Rainbow Science, which is a TERRIFIC follow up to Nancy’s science.  Very clear, all the experiment supplies are included, even dissections.  Just thought I’d pass it on!

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