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Meet Vanilla ~ Moments to Remember

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Moments to Remember was developed as a simple way to look back on our week as homeschoolers and find photos that encompass the memories we want to remember. 

The week may have been tough, there may have been more bumps than smiles, but in the end these are the moments that keep us going, the ones we need to remember.


Meet Vanilla. He is the latest addition to our home and a constant interruption visitor in our homeschool. There are certain children who suddenly disappear and then reappear holding Vanilla.

Because isn’t he so cute???


If you’re wondering how he could possibly be related to homeschooling, I’ll tell you. Vanilla is a wonderful little carrot to dangle in front of the noses of little children. Incentive never hurts anyone and he is a pretty cute incentive, isn’t he?

Want to join in and share a fun moment? Link up your Moments to Remember at 1+1+1=1 this week!! This linky is for homeschoolers, or families who are keeping their kiddos at home during the early years {we consider you homeschoolers too}.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Maggie Hogan says

    Sweet Vanilla! I had two bunnies when I was a teen. Stew and Fricassee. Ahem. Anyway, they were quickly trained to use a shoebox as a litter box and they roamed free in my room. No cage. BUT turns out the little rascals were quite the carpet eaters and unbeknownst to me, until I rearranged my furniture, they chewed up a wide swath of carpet behind my dresser. But no matter, they were too sweet for me to get upset. My mom? Um, not so much.

    PS – love your header!!

  2. Awwww!   You’re making me want to get my children bunnies!….and chickens…..what’s next? 

    :) Valerie

  3. We have Kitty. She is very individual little creature and we learn about patience and responsibility with her.

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