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Let the Crazy Begin

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Let the Crazy Begin

Life is about to get c.r.a.z.y. busy in our house. Maybe you all have been involved in organized sports with your kiddos on a long term basis, but typically we stay to the summer swim team and call it good.

That is about to change in our house. 

All four of the kids are going to be a part of a local swim league until the end of November – and then we’ll see how we’re managing from there. I’m a girl who enjoys white space on the calendar and this is enough to throw me over the edge.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a husband who has taken this on as HIS mission (it was, after all, his idea – grins). So while I will be getting meals ready much earlier during the day and have to chauffer a practice (or two) a week, he is taking over the bulk of the practices and I get to stay home and work (a.k.a. school stuff, blog stuff, or maybe sneak in a little reading – shhh!). (I kid).

I promise I’m not complaining! These are things we’ve chosen to do, but there are times when change and a switch from our ‘typical’ routine can really throw me for a loop. And I don’t always do changes (shall we say) well. I’m a girl who likes routine and doesn’t like when that routine gets thrown out of whack. Oh the irony of having four kids that have their own ideas on life (grins).

Starting Co-op

In addition to swim team, the two co-ops that we are a part of  start up this week. (Yes, two. Again a choice, but both I am happy we are a part of). I’ll start off each co-op with my teaching shift – one through Thanksgiving and the other through Christmas. Lesson planning overdrive!

One of the classes is a high school literature class and that is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The group of kids is great and it will be fun, but it hit me just a few days ago that (gasp) I have to grade papers and actually READ the literature they are reading. Did I mention Jane Eyre is on the list? (Oh, there will be some thrilled boys in that group!)

High School Credits – the Good and the Bad

While our school year is now in full swing, every now and then it hits me that Laurianna is taking HIGH SCHOOL classes. With friend’s  kids headed off to college, I counted the years until she is gone – five!! You know how it seems like it’s a long time coming, but really…it’s not!

In the meantime, I have to keep track of her grades for real now, start tracking credits and GPA averages, and make sure we’re hitting all that is required for graduation. While it’s a bit off, I don’t want to get caught off guard either because I put it off to think about another day. (I’ll be sharing more on that later!)

Overall everything is going well, and Laurianna is using some fabulous curriculum (loving her North Star Geography), but her class load is much more intense this year and has involved a few tears every now and then. Fortunately, the tears have resolved and she is getting into a good routine – and doing great.

Life in General

There’s so much going on in my head too right now, and I definitely want to share more with you all in the upcoming weeks:

  • Our revamping of chores (and the pain of letting it slide in the summer)
  • Freezer cooking fun (17 meals put together for busy days!)
  • Printables I am working on
  • Reading goals – for me and the kids
  • More 20 minute productivity fails and accomplishments
  • And all the other random things in my mind!

Just bits and pieces of our own lives – the good, the tough, and the crazy. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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  1. Jolanthe, you are so refreshing to read! I’m joining our first co-op this year and i’m teaching a 4-5 yr. old class :) We are doing BFIAR and i’ll be using some of your printables. Thank you! I’m nervous as this is new for me to lead a class apart from my own kids. I too have 2 boys and 2 girls.( ages 8,6,5,4) Anyways, you’re an encouragement that i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I so want to do a good job and have fun with the kids. If you think of it, will you pray for me and i will certainly pray for you as your plate is most definitely full :)

    blessings~ laura

  2. I’ve got four children as well and I definitely have a hard time with changes in routine!

    Your plate does sound full…but exciting too! Teaching a high school literature class sounds like a blast! I didn’t pay nearly enough attention in high school…it would be fun to do it again.

    Looking forward to hearing more about how your year goes…and hoping you do get some time in for reading!! ;)

    • Thanks so much! The lit class will be great and I know I will enjoy it. I did realize after the first week one of the reasons I didn’t become an English teacher (even though I was an English ed major) – the grading! :) Math is so much easier to correct!

  3. Did I ever tell you that the first place I saw your husband was at the health club where he worked as a lifeguard? I was really young then, I think; and my dad would take my brother David and I on Sundays because children of members got in free. David and I would have fun in the pool while my dad exercised, and Rick would keep us all from drowning!! :)

    No wonder he wants your kids to do the swim team!! :)

    • I read your comment to Rick and he laughed. So many in his family were BIG swimmers. His mom keeps us updated on any school of their high school records that are in danger of being broken. :) Gotta love it! (And I’m sure you were very young – hee hee. Rick is getting old – grins!)

  4. I understand your thoughts about “white space” — I am just like that, too. When my kids do extra activities (like baseball and basketball), my husband is generally the one that handles it – from the signups to the practices – and most everything in between. He enjoys it, and it gives me a chance to work and have some time to myself!

    Blessings on your school year, Jolanthe. So weird that we are doing the high school thing, isn’t it? Eeeeek!!

    • So strange!! It makes me feel old (wink). But we’re not, right? Just so very, very strange. (I may break out into a rendition of Sunrise, Sunset if this continues….)

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