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When we realized we were going to be moving, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from either myself of the kids. At one point one of my Facebook friends sent me a link to a great article from Heart of the Matter Online and written by Jimmie {love that girl!}.

Basically we knew we had three options in our moving process:

1. Continue schooling full speed ahead.

2. Focus on the core subjects and abandon the rest until we were settled in.

3. Call off all school and just let the kids run crazy.

We opted for the second and scaled back on planning in many of the subjects, sticking to language, reading, math, science, and handwriting. After about 2 weeks of packing, having the house perpetually clean for showings, and keeping up with school time, etc… I can tell you I was about ready to consider a fourth option ~ sending them to public school until the move was over. :)

That would be about the point that we took a few weeks off and decided to focus entirely on keeping sanity intact and getting the house packed and moved. Fortunately, the entire process for us was very quick ~ from the time we put an offer on one house to the time we moved into our new house was a few days over a month.

Now we’re in, {pretty well} settled, I’m breathing much easier, and everyone is easing back into our full-on routine. If you’ve moved while homeschooling, what are tips that you would give to others in the process?

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Hey! Love ya too!
    Glad you found something that worked. We are finally getting back in the swing of normal homeschool. It’s a new normal. But it’s good to have THAT at least.

  2. Oh my goodness, we are full swing in level 2 right now too, just posted about it :)

    Glad to hear that you’re settling, I still have core curriculum in the mail….anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!

    Will be nice to get back to normal :)….or like Jimmie said, the new normal!

  3. You survived! I probably would have chosen the public school route. =p

  4. We are living this right now! We are halfway through a cross country move… beginning the long drive on Saturday. With my son we’ve been doing a fairly light school schedule. However, we added a little one to the family at the beginning of the school year, so I wouldn’t exactly say we’ve had a full load to start with. I’m anxious to hear any tips on working back into a full schedule once the move is finished.

  5. As you know I’m in this right now. We have 6 weeks until we move. I’m trying really hard to keep up with homeschooling – but with all the showings it is impossible. Not to mention with all the showings and hurting my back I can’t pack. Oh my! The kids are doing all their workbooks daily even if I don’t teach them and then I check them daily. It is keeping them busy and me sane. They seem happy for now but we are all anxious to be done with this and get settled into our new school room. Lots of love an so glad you are settled into your home. Can’t wait to be close to you and see each other often! WAHOOO!!!

  6. We’ve moved several times during homeschooling – and I laughed because we’ve done the same thing every time. Started at a “modified” english & math and quickly went to “survival mode” when I might have purchased some workbooks so their brains wouldn’t solidify. :) :) The feeling of finally being settled in the new place and starting back to school was wonderful!

  7. Julie @ Creekside Learning says

    I’m pretty sure when and if we put our house up for sale, homeschooling or no homeschooling, we will have to move out while it’s still for sale because I cannot fathom keeping it show-ready with my three adorable tornado-like children living in it. Congratulations on your new place and may you quickly feel settled and into a routine. :-)

  8. Good morning! While we have never moved before, we did have a MAJOR renovation going on at the beginning of our school year which called for some serious creativity with homeschooling. Most of the time, we were able to pack up all our books and head to my parents’ house right down the street. But other days, we chugged on here at the house while saws were blasting, tile cutters were screetching, etc… Now when I look back, I think it would have been better if we just took a break. But we made it through! Thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoy your new home!

  9. We have spent the last year trying to sell our home. This spring, we did another major clean out to prepare for the buying season and have an open house. Most of my homeschool stuff is in a small storage room downstairs on bookcases. That means a lot of bring it up and put it back. Our daily stuff I keep in tote bags in the dining room so they can be easily cleared away. I can’t wait until we finally sell and I can go back to not worrying about getting a call for a showing an hour before they come.

  10. Congrats on the move!! And surviving it. That’s no small task. Enjoy the new place.

  11. We tried to sell our house for 9 months a year and a half ago, so we put a ton of stuff in storage (garage and shed). Finally, we took the house off the market, redid the school room, and brought everything back in (we’d taken all the personal stuff out, etc.). That was three months ago. Now we’re moving to San Antonio from Seattle. Survival mode it is! Math is a for sure thing as well as the history as we listen to it in the van while we’re dropping off stuff for the thrift stores. All is not lost as my 5 year old just informed me that “negative googleplex is way smaller than negative one.” Um, I didn’t know that until a few years ago! They shall survive, I suppose! I hope you’re back to new normal soon!

  12. Just reading this to remember what you did while y’all moved. We are moving in two weeks. Haven’t even started packing. I’m thinking we are done after Friday for several weeks for sure. To say I’m feeling a bit stressed and c-r-a-z-y this week is a huge understatement :)!

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