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Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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When we were kids, having ice cream cake for our birthdays was a HUGE deal. Our parents worked hard and splurging for something like that was something that didn’t happen often.

To this day though, it’s one of my favorite things to have on my birthday. I’m not a huge frosting girl, so the mix of Oreos and ice cream is the perfect balance for me! Now each of our kids ask for an ice cream cake for their birthday, but it’s something we make at home and L.O.V.E. – especially since we can pick out the flavors of ice cream we want to mix and tailor it to our likes! This recipe is one we have been making for years and years – and this silicone springform pan (affiliate link) is my favorite. You know you are serious about your ice cream cake when you have a dedicated pan for making them!

Unlike some of the store bought cakes (or restaurant made), the cake is solid ice cream, and doesn’t seem like glorified air. The middle with the Oreos – oh so amazing. One time I added a thin layer of whipped topping to the outside, but we decided we liked our cake straight up ice cream with nothing to mess it up. 

We’re in birthday mode in our house at the moment. Over the next few weeks we are celebrating three birthdays, and the kids are putting in their orders for cake flavors. Because we love them (the kids and the cakes) so much, we thought you all might enjoy the recipe. Caution: there is a lot of sugar, but on birthdays anything goes – at least in our house. :) 

Ice Cream Cake
Serves 12
This homemade ice cream cake will have you
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Prep Time
30 hr
Cook Time
3 hr
Total Time
4 hr
Prep Time
30 hr
Cook Time
3 hr
Total Time
4 hr
For the filling
  1. 1 sleeve of oreo cookies (your flavor choice)
  2. 1 jar of Magic Shell (your flavor choice)
  3. 1/2 cup hot fudge sauce
For the cake
  1. 2 half gallons of ice cream (choose two complimentary flavors)
  1. Soften the ice cream by letting it sit out on the counter.
  2. While ice cream is softening, crush the sleeve of oreos and add to a mixing bowl.
  3. Shake up the jar of Magic Shell well and pour over the crushed oreos. Use a spatula to mix the two together.
  4. Spread 2/3 of one flavor of ice cream into the bottom of a springform pan.
  5. Gently spread the Oreo mix on top of the bottom layer of ice cream, leaving a 1/2" border (so it doesn't go all the way to the edge of the pan).
  6. Lightly warm hot fudge sauce in microwave and carefully spread over Oreos.
  7. Top with full container of your second ice cream flavor choice.
  8. Freeze for several hours until hard. Remove springform sides and carefully cut (the center can be hard to get through if frozen solid, so watch yourself!).
Flavor combos
  1. We have had fun creating different flavors over the years, including some lighter tasting ones using a vanilla Magic Shell mixed with vanilla Oreos, strawberry jam, a lemon ice cream and strawberry ice cream combo. Here are a few other combos we love...
  2. Chocolate/coffee
  3. Chocolate/cookies and cream
  4. Chocolate/mint chip or mint oreo
  5. Chocolate/moose tracks or peanut butter cup (and peanut butter Magic Shell!)
  6. Chocolate/coconut
  7. Vanilla/coffee
  8. Vanilla/cookie dough
Homeschool Creations https://www.homeschoolcreations.net/
Hope you all enjoy this recipe! 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Tried this for my foster daughter’s birthday. It was great! The cookie mixture got a little clumpy, so I might change that up a bit next time, but otherwise it was quick and easy to assemble. She likes peanut butter cup blizzards, so I used a natural vanilla ice cream for the bottom layer, and a peanut butter cup swirl for the second layer. Thanks for the recipe!

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