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Home Again, Home Again {but no more laundry, please}

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Home is a lovely place to be – might I just say? Our family had a WONDERFUL month of May and an amazing vacation time together, but there is something extra special about being home in your own bed and having a normal routine {or maybe that’s just me}. The suitcases are all finally unpacked and stored. Phew.

The laundry – not as much fun.

Incidentally, I celebrated my 40th birthday this past month {yes, I am freely admitting it} and need to say that my husband ROCKS. He surprised me with some beautiful flowers and a party with a group of our friends, making it a fun night that will be remembered for a long time to come. It’s not often that I publicly thank him – but he definitely surprised me {I love you MUCH, Rick!}.

This week the two of us are headed to the Home Educator’s of Virginia homeschool conference for some browsing and purchasing the last bit of curriculum that is needed for next year. We are both excited to sit in on some workshops and get refueled for the upcoming school year. This is one of my favorite weekends each year mainly because it really re-energizes us and gets us EXCITED about all that is to come {and I LOVE it when my hubby attends with me!}.

I may {or may not be} feeling a little overwhelmed that our oldest will be in the SEVENTH GRADE this next year. Gulp. Can someone please explain to me how the time has gone by so quickly? We are {this} close to high school!!

We have a few school odds and ends to wrap up over the next little bit,  because I strongly dislike things being ‘unfinished’ {grins}. A few science lessons remaining to work on together, lots of LEGO fun to be had, and with summer looming on the horizon, there are plenty of art lessons to keep us busy when the days are too warm. BUT – testing is over, and that is a huge relief.

Tell me I’m not alone on the need to finish {most} everything…pretty please?

After this weekend, I’m pulling out my Weekly Homeschool Planner and starting to map out our upcoming school year: setting goals, choosing homeschool curriculum, and roughly planning our school days.

Have you already started planning for next year? How far ahead do you like to plan before you start?

Coming Up in May and a Thanks to the Following Sponsors

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This month I’ll also be hosting a few fun giveaways of my own and am so excited to share them with you! {but I can’t share who they are yet!!}.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Yay for amazing husbands! I am excited for Tim to come to convention for the first time this year! I am sure we will all have a lot of fun together!

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