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Four Weeks of School Down…

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For the last four weeks we’ve slowly been adding in subjects as the weeks go along and our fifth week will mean we’ll have a full schedule. The phasing in of subjects helps me figure out the overall rhythm of our days and start tweaking things early on so we don’t get too overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

Snap circuits lego and puzzles

The first week we focused on the basics: math, language, reading, handwriting, and Bible. Week two we added  science, writing, and art. Week three added spelling and starting our fourth week we started with LEGO Education and Snap Circuits (although the boys have been sneaking them out the last two weeks – wink).

This week we add in our final subject: history. I am so excited to start the fourth year of Mystery of History. The kids have been asking about it, so you know they are ready! Also our last piece of curriculum, All About Reading 4, is on it’s way here (woot!).

So far, I have to say that we are loving Learning Language Arts Through Literature. It was a big switch for my brain, but it has been a great fit for both of the boys and for that I am so happy. It was one of those decisions that I was so nervous about, so the fact that it has fit in so seamlessly is a a huge relief.

Adding in Co-op

first day of coop 2014

During our fourth week of school we also added two different co-ops to our schedule (you are free to call me crazy at any time). Both of them offer different opportunities for the kids – one offers two high school classes for Laurianna, and the other involves fun ‘extra’ classes that often get put to the side (PE, music, etc…) for all four.

For the fall semester I’ll be teaching two classes: high school lit and the 3-year-old class. (Can you guess what we talked about in the 3 year old class this past week?) My brain may be having a bit of trouble jumping back and forth on lesson plans for those.

A Peek at High School

Graph Paper-1-2

Laurianna has been the one with the most changes this year in her work load. While she is (almost always) handling the changes well, she is fully understanding the intensity of high school level classes, but doing it with much dedication. Definitely proud of that girl!

A certain mom realized that said daughter could work on every other Algebra problem and still do what was necessary (it only took 13 lessons before I remembered we did that very same thing in high school). One of her favorite subjects though this year has been North Star Geography. Maybe it shouldn’t make me giggle, but I love hearing the little factoids that she is learning about different countries.


That pretty much wraps up the first four weeks of our homeschool time. How has school been going for you?


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’m sure your oldest is having a bit of shell shock with the increased work load… my Anna is the same way! Your kids are getting SO big, Jolanthe. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow up on your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Lots of learning and lots of fun! We phase subjects in as well but in a more extended way. Language arts and math in Sept., Science in October, History and Health in November… we still do the subjects we’re not “formally” doing during these months but at a much more get back to the basics and relaxed way

  3. We have never belonged to a co-op. I never seem to be able to give up a full day or most of a day. It sounds like you all are having a great time.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • It does take some on my part since both of them involve a lower cost in exchange for my teaching time. Our afternoon one has been great since we can finish our general school work in the morning and then get in the ‘extras’ for the younger kids and our high-schooler can do a few classes with a small group. Overall we’ve just adjusted our week to do most of our schoolwork 4 days of the week (for the core subjects) and our Friday morning co-op is just a bonus with added classes we might not typically do together – and it’s been great getting a chance to meet other families in our area too!

  4. Prudence Clarke says

    Hello. I enjoyed reading about your first few weeks. We started on Sept 1st and dove straight in. I had planned and time tabled before hand so everything has been running smoothly really.
    The workload for my eldest has increased as well (he is nearly 10) but he is more than happy!
    It was great to read this post. I blog myself about our HE in England (Adventuresinhomeschool.com) and it would be just lovely to see you there:)

  5. I like the idea of slowly adding things in. We just jumped in this year and then figured out what we were doing.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! So glad to hear your year is going smoothly!! :)

  7. Oh I want to break away from first language lessons and try LLATL. We are learning with FLL but my kids are starting to moan when I bring out the book. LLATL looks delightful. Is it time intensive? I feel like with these early years we get so loaded down with LA…I guess thats how it has to be though.. Thanks.

    • I don’t think that it’s any more time intensive than FLL was. Granted the 1st and 2nd level of FLL are a little less involved, but we are really enjoying it (I mean really). :) We will likely be using it again next year and maybe just add in Daily Grams for both boys as a little short review. I love that this incorporates more reading and additional writing learning.

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