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For the past two weeks it seems that our house has had a revolving door of sorts with family coming and going and finally ALL leaving this past Tuesday.

With our family running back and forth daily, we didn’t spend a lick of time doing school at all, but spent much time with my brother and just having fun.

Kaleb’s idea of fun was playing chess with his Uncle Andy, although he doesn’t have the first clue how to actually play. Anytime my brother would take one of Kaleb’s pieces, Kaleb would reach over and grab one of his uncle’s pieces and say “One for you and one for me.”


And this picture was just too cute…since he was imitating my brother and how he was laying on the floor…


Best part of the week though. The Strider Bike has officially been pushed aside and Kaleb is wanting to only ride his ‘big boy bike’ {please don’t point out the hot pink and turquoise to him, okay?}.


Before I forget, don’t miss the Uppercase Tracing Cards and the Lowercase Tracing Cards that I shared recently!! I have some more fun printables that I’m working on and hope to share them soon!!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. GOOD JOB on riding the “big boy bike”!

  2. WTG Kaleb!! He looks like a pro!  We just took the pedals and chain off Sammy’s bike to turn it into a balance bike las week.  Unfortunately his legs are just a little too short so he still can’t use it as a balance bike very easily!   I love that picture of Kaleb and your brother playing Hi Ho Cherry-o

  3. woo hoo – and what a great long driveway!  Ours is the size of 1 car length, my poor son had to learn to turn quicker than enjoy cruising !!

  4. At least he’s ‘playing’ chess. I have no clue how to play. =p I think I’m just impatient to learn the rules.

    Okay, I’m in the room with my napping kid, and I almost shouted ‘yay!’ outloud. I may or may not have done a silent clap for him. We just recently got the Strider bike, and my daughter has ridden it so much more in the past 3 weeks than she ever did her bike with training wheels that she’s had as a hand-me-down for the past 2 years.

  5. This is a cute post!  I love the picture of Kaleb and Uncle Andy–adorable!  And, I have to say, Uncle Andy is hitting the weights hard!  Sure wish I still was, he makes me feel like I need to run to the gym as soon as they open in the morning–LOL!  Hope you’ve enjoyed all of your family visiting!

    • no kidding about the weights. nothing like making me feel like a flabby
      peon in comparison. :) we had a great time since we rarely get to see
      him much. :)

  6. Cute video =) 

    Thanks again for the gardening preschool pack and Peter Rabbit extras from HSS! 

  7. I love the picture of your son playing chess!  Go ahead and see if he can figure it out!  My brother learned when he was 4!  I havent figured out how to teach my own children to play, but maybe yours can?  Looks like you had a great visit with your brother!

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