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Exploring Egypt: Mummies and Pyramids

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This week we wrapped up our study of Egypt and used the Magic Tree House Mummies and Pyramids as our primary guide for the week. Each day we read a few chapters and then worked on a few minit books that I found to go along with the chapters at Homeschool Share.

We didn’t put together an entire lapbook ~ more like a lappage. The minit books were just glued onto a piece of cardstock and then we put them into our geography folders. We also had fun making a mummy of our own with a Dollar Tree doll and rolled bandages. Our apple experiment wrapped up this week {can I just say – ‘yuck’} and our results were definitely not what we anticipated…I’ll have to post more on that later!

Here’s a look at what we did this week:



  • Read chapter 6 in Mummies & Pyramids ~ learned about different types of pyramids, how pyramids were built, and also about the Great Sphinx
  • Had fun building our own pyramids with 1″ blocks and also legos.
  • Worked on minit book for Pharaohs and Book of the Dead



  • Read chapter 8 & 9 in Mummies & Pyramids ~ read all about King Tut and the many famous treasures that his tomb held {and how long it took to find his tomb}.
  • Minit book about Great Sphinx
  • Uncovered our apple mummies and compared our results to what we thought would happen.


Resources and Websites

  • Homeschool Share ~ Ancient Egypt Unit Study. We used different lapbook pieces to make up our lapbook page
  • Living and Learning ~ great pictures for making your own Barbie mummy!!!
  • Newton’s Apple ~ science experiment to see which concoction will best mummify apple slices
  • King Tut One ~ puzzles, mazes and trivia for kids
  • Odyssey Online ~ resources on the people of Egypt, mythology, daily life, death/burial, writing & archeology
  • Neferchichi ~ TONS of great links and resources for ancient Egypt
  • Pyramid of Man ~ some great games and links for Egypt

Books We’re Using

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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