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Down…and Kickin’ Back

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Ummm…you know how you have ambition to do something, and then it seems as if everything around you is conspiring in the exact opposite direction?

Yeah. That.

Last week we lost internet for several days. A wee bit of an issue when one is attempting to blog.

server down

The internet was finally revived {thank you, Verizon}, and the demise of our server was next in line. That may not seem like a huge issue, but every single one of my files and photos {other than my pictures from Africa} are on our server hard drives.

I was working on a few printables. Can’t now. {sigh}

We are fairly certain that we should be able to retrieve the files, but meanwhile I’m feeling like I am sitting here and twiddling my thumbs. This morning I had an ‘aha’ moment that perhaps {just perhaps – ahem} God has been giving me the wonderful opportunity to be, instead of do.

Whatcha think?

I’m thinking it’s about time I caught on. {grins}

I do have a few post scheduled for the rest of this week and a few next week, but hang in there with me over the next bit as our family just enjoys a bit of a breather and spends some time relaxing, k?

I’d much appreciate it!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Enjoy your breathing! We had a similar situation with our TV. It was broken for two months. Two months when the last thing we needed was a distraction.  It’s been fixed for quite some time now but we got so used to living without it rarely gets turned on any more. Now, that being said, I do hope that after your breather you blog some more! :)

  2. We will get you up and running soon :-)

  3. Bummer! I hope everything will be back to normal soon and you get your stuff back. We’ve been having some Internet connection problems the past few days after coming back from vacation. So I guess I’m taking an extended break from blogging as well. :p

  4. Oh, I know what an awful feeling that is! Had my laptop crash a few months ago and had quite a bit on there that I hadn’t had a chance to back up yet! Sounds like you have good people working on it for you though :o) Hope you’re able to retrieve most of your stuff!

  5. Holly Gordon says

    Glad to hear that your data is safe!
    Maybe you can take it as a bittersweet-compliment… you are encouraging so many families and satan doesn’t like it.  Maybe he is trying to dissuade you and discourage you.  So maybe you can take it as a compliment because you are doing the Lord’s work!  If we aren’t being met with obstacles we probably aren’t ‘doing’ what we are called to do and thus satan doesn’t need to bug us.
    I appreciate you!

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