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Do You Struggle with Anger?

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Does the above resonate with you? (It does me. A lot.)

In the past I’ve mentioned that anger is one of the things I struggle with most in parenting. Somehow, the kiddos in this house can push every single one of my buttons in the first fifteen minutes of the day. 

For real. 

From the many emails I received from you all after I wrote that initial post, I know I’m not alone in this struggle. And friends, the struggle is daily. It isn’t something that I read a book on and it was gone overnight. It’s a daily walk and one that I need to constantly pray about. Constantly.

Parenting is a journey that forces us not to be selfish and roots out all those areas that selfishness rests. And no matter how often we think there MUST have been a mistake in God giving us the children in our home (especially the ones that push our buttons), God knows exactly what we need and each and every one of our children are gifts from Him. Added to that, my anger – my temper, well it’s not something that I can just overlook. There is something that can be done, because anger is something that can be worked on and tempered – it isn’t a lifelong sentence unless I allow it to have a grip on me. 

But sometimes it seems like that, doesn’t it. The hardest part is often admitting that the change needs to come from me. No matter what circumstances are going on around me, I still have a choice in how I react to all that surrounds and happens around. I can CHOOSE to respond different. To not blow up. To count to 10. Or 100. Or just step away from the situation.

The Temper Toolkit

Over the last few months I’ve been watching (and rewatching) videos from the Temper Toolkit course by Lisa Jo Baker. You all – it is so very full of encouragement, helps, and reminders on who God has created each of us to be. Here are just a few: 

  • You are not a bad mom just because you have a bad day. 
  • My kids were each given to me on purpose (no mistakes!).
  • Taking a break is important – and needed – in my role as a mom. 
  • It’s okay to ask for help – and admit I am wrong. 

The course features 7 videos (under 15 minutes each), transcripts of each video session, audio downloads of each session, phone lock screens and printables, and 5 additional bonus sessions to further encourage and help you in your journey. 

I purchased the Temper Toolkit a few months ago because I just needed the little reminders (and Lisa Jo also made some beautiful screen savers and printable reminders to go along with each of the lessons). I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person, so seeing prompts and verses really helps me out. And often I need to hear and see those reminders again and again. 

Over the next two days, the Temper Toolkit is available as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. The class is currently closed for registration and open ONLY to those who purchase this bundle option through October 24th

The Temper Toolkit course is currently waitlisted/closed – and as soon as it becomes available again, I will let you all know. If you have been a reader of Homeschool Creations for any amount of time, hopefully you know well by now that my heart is to help encourage and provide tools for other moms in their homeschool and parenting journey (and yes, you dads too!). 

Discouragement can run rampant and it’s easy to feel like a failure. Quickly. Whether it be in the area of housework, budgeting, organization, or just taking care of ourselves. Homeschooling is one of the many hats we wear!

And mommas – if there is something I can pray for you with today – or tomorrow – or the next day, would you please leave a comment or feel free to email me? I would be honored to pray with you. Sometimes admitting we struggle is the hardest and first step – and I’m hear to support you if I can. 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I am proud of you for sharing your struggle with anger here. I remember when my girls were younger and I would struggle with the anger, I thought I was a bad mom.

    • There are still days I feel the same (yesterday for example). As hard as it is to admit, I do feel it’s so important to talk about it – because that is often half the battle.

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