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Current Read-Aloud ~ Darien’s Rise {AIO Passages}

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imageAlthough I had pulled out the Borrowers series for us to read, the kid’s weren’t too excited about it. {Don’t worry, I’m keeping them handy}. Fortunately, I bought a big pile of books at a recent homeschool book sale, so there were plenty of books to choose from.

Darien’s Rise by Paul McCusker

Our kids love the audio cd’s from Adventures in Odyssey, so we I pulled out the first book in the Passages series by AIO ~ Darien’s Rise by Paul McCusker. The story parallels a key Bible story, which I was SO happy to have the kids figure out early on {grins}.

So far, the book has been a hit. I don’t want to give too much away {in case you all want to read it too!}. In this story two young children, Anna and her brother Kyle, travel to the land of Marus and are caught in the middle of a conflict between a powerful king and his general.

The story is set in a different time and place, so it has been very fun to think about what this Bible story would have been like during a period like the 1930’s or 40’s. The deeper conversations that the book has prompted have been wonderful. When we were talking about the king not listening to God, it started a talk about how listening to God is similar to how we obey our parents {all a good thing}.

As soon as we’re done reading Darien’s Rise, I have a fun little surprise for the kids ~ the audio adventure of Darien’s Rise. I know that it seems like it might be duplicating, but Adventures in Odyssey does such an amazing job with their recordings, and we always catch a little something more when we listen to the dramatized version of books.

Need a few read-aloud suggestions?

Here are a few of the books that we’ve read and enjoyed recently:

What books are you reading as a family to ward off the summer heat? Anything good on your lists? Leave a comment below!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. How old are your children that are listening to this?

  2. Kristen@TeachingStars.com says

    After thoroughly enjoying the movie, The Secret World of Arrietty, I picked up the series thinking I could capitalize my girls interest in the movie and immerse ourselves further into the Borrowers’ world. Sadly, it just never gained traction. My girls never got into it, and, I found I had a hard time reading it. We stopped after just barely making it through the first book in the series. For once, I can say I enjoyed the movie better than the book. You can read my review on the movie here.

  3. What fun!! I have some of the CDs in my amazon cart just waiting for me to order them ;-)

  4. We are reading Charlotte’s Web. I have all of the Passages books and plan to read them to the kids during the next year.

  5. We listened to the CD version of it, and it was rather fun.

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