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Has your family done much study on the Constitution? One of our family goals the last few months has been to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution as a family. There is SO much we can learn about our Constitution, so during our school time this next week we’ll dig a little deeper into the history behind the Constitution in honor of Constitution Day in September.

Some states require yearly study of the Constitution {ours doesn’t}, but regardless, it is SUCH an important document to our country. And we want our kids to really understand the importance of it.

Constitution Day Printables

Of course any study is more fun with some printables to go along, so I put together some Constitution Day Printables to use with our kids this upcoming week, and I am more than happy to share them with you all!

Constitution Day Printables

The Constitution Day Printables include a poster of the Preamble, trivia cards, a word find, copywork of the Preamble, and a few other fun activities to go along with our reading.

We’ll be listening to the below video from Schoolhouse Rocks {just to take me back to my childhood, mind you}..


Books for Kids about the Constitution

Here are the books we’ve pulled off the shelf to read this next week. Our new favorite is Our Constitution Rocks. We’re using that one together as a family at night to talk about the Constitution more in depth. It was written by a homeschooler – so be sure to check it out!

Are you planning to do anything special to celebrate Constitution Day? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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If You Enjoyed These…


Be sure to check out our Memorial Day printable set as well for additional learning fun and copywork about the holiday. 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  • Mama Fry

    The link is not working. I am excited to get it, but I tried via email then came to the site to try.

    Thank you.

  • Hmm… I just tried both links in the post and it opened up for me. You may want to try using a different browser. I am on my iPod and it is ok. Let me know if that helps.

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  • Mama Fry

    I haven’t had a problem before using google chrome. I used internet explorer and it worked.

    thank you

  • Linds

    Thank you!

  • Amanda

    pssst…Delaware is spelled wrong in the printable…

  • ack!! Thank you!!

  • On the trivia card, correct? It’s correct in the ‘find the mistakes’ ironically! :) hee hee

  • Thanks! My 6yo performed in Schoolhouse Rock Live this year and my 4yo used singing the Preamble as a stall tactic during naptime. Who can be mad at a 4yo singing the Preamble!? ha! :p

  • Ha!! That’s great!!

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  • Jen

    thank you, Jolanthe. These are great printables! Excited to use them!

  • Michele

    We signed up to visit the Constitution Center in Philadelphia for “free” (except parking)! We’re blessed to live in New Jersey, so this may be an exciting field trip for my four children (9 and under) to learn about our constitution. These printables will be a great learning activity to get us ready!

  • How great!!! I wish we lived a little closer, but that will be a ‘someday’ field trip. We have friends that don’t live too far away from Philly, so that may be our next option!

  • I can view the printables online (they are great, thank you!) and I can download them but if I try to view them, Adobe Reader gives me an error that there was an error opening the file and that is is damaged and could not be repaired. I tried it several times and get the same error each time.

  • Heather

    Thank you! We downloaded and printed with no problems. We hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated – these great activities have made our day!

  • You may want to try opening them in a different browser and then saving them – it should help!

  • Amy

    Tried to download but it says “file damaged.”

  • Hmmm…I just opened and downloaded the file without an issue. You may want to check out this post to troubleshoot:
    I’m using Firefox and not having any issues. You can always email me directly and I’d be happy to send you the file.

  • Suzi Hansborough

    These are great. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.

  • You’re welcome – enjoy!!

  • Cara R.

    Ha! We have Schoolhouse Rocks and watched it today. We meant to just watch the America Rocks section, but the 10-year-old wanted to watch the whole video. Why not! :) We will do this unit tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!

  • jameson

    yep it works fine thanks for setting this up

  • Digna Sanchez Toledo

    How can I get access to the constitution links?
    I can’t print them. It doesn’t let me open them. Pleas let me know. thanks

  • I double checked and relinked the download button – should be working now! :) Thanks for letting me know about the problem, Digna.

  • Digna Sanchez Toledo

    Thank you!

  • Karyn

    These are great!! We are working on memorizing the preamble in a constitution class I am teaching at my co-op & these were perfect. Thanks! :)

  • Have fun learning

  • disqus_quirk

    Want Constitution pamplet to copy and print for Sunday event. Where do I look to print?

  • Click the download now button to download it to your personal computer.

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