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Coming Up in October 2011 {and my goal for the month}

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My Goal for the month of October…

We are fully enjoying the new schoolroom and still have a few loose ends to tie up to get it completely finished. Having our own space has been wonderful.

As for my goal for this month ~ more family time. Period. I’ve been doing much better getting the work/school time balanced, but there are always distractions. This month Rick and I are really wanting to implement more hands-on family time since we’ve been so busy trying to get random projects done around the house. I know that there will always be things to do {it’s a never-ending cycle}, but we’re hoping to create a better balance and focus on the things that REALLY matter. :)

The biggest aim is to cut out the bulk of tv time and finish reading some great book series that we’ve been reading as well as some audio series. We’re reading the Little House on the Prairie series along with some of the Imagination Station books and the kids are really enjoying them…so we’re going to keep it up!

Stay tuned too!! I have some great giveaways, coupon codes and new printables to share with you all, including some more Before Five in a Row printables along with a Thanksgiving Printable Pack as well. There have been a few more things I have to share as well…just need to sit down and do it!

What’s one thing that you really want to do this month?

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Milk & Honey Mommy says


    It is amazing how much freedom and fun can be had when television time is reduced. All of us have been reading more and I’ve actually read a few books that didn’t have cute little animals doing cute little things in it. I enjoy reading and there are some great books (as I know you already know) out there that I have been missing.

  2. We want to pick our own pumpkin and enjoy a tractor pull. I love Fall!

  3. carriebergherm says

    My goal is to have a couple field trips to pumpkin fields in our area. I also plan to do field trips to chocolate-making places… Mmmm, a unit on chocolate to go along with the field trips.

    I’m also working on a couple 31-days series. One series is on free homeschool resources. I wanted to let you know that Homeschool Creations is today’s resource! I love the preschool packs that you have available. I’ve used the Ocean pack already, and have plans to use the Pirate pack. Thanks for providing these!

    See my post at: http://aneclectichomeschooler.blogspot.com/2011/10/31-days-free-homeschooling-resources.html

    • ooo…I’d do a unit on chocolate if we could visit a chocolate-making factory!! :)

    • carriebergherm says

      I’m doing the Download N Go Chocolate unit with my boys soon – gotta do something chocolaty oriented for a field trip! :) We have a small candy store in our small town that has a window where we can watch them make chocolates. Nothing big and fancy, but it works for me! And of course, we have to sample various kinds of chocolate!

  4. Sleep or non-stress time sounds really good right now, but for some reason these past few days have felt stressful……  Don’t know why.

  5. This month I’m doing halloween & fall activities with my son.  Today we went to the pumpkin patch!  For me,  I’m going to start doing some research about blogging.  Been thinking about it for awhile!

  6. After a crazy busy september, my main goal for october is to establish some routines – re-establish some old routines and get in the grove with some new stuff. I would love to establish a calendar time for the whole family…

  7. Can TOTALLY relate with the busyness and trying to find time for family time.  I’ve been trying to work really hard during the week so I have downtime on the weekends.  So far it’s going pretty well!  And we are reading the Little House books too!  We stopped and took a break halfway through the Silver Lake one to read an American Girl series – but we’ll be back! :)

  8. Great goal for this month!  My goal for the month.. is to get this house back under control!  The dishes, laundry cleaning, the purging, everything is taking over!

  9. Mamaforhim2004 says

    Find MY desk. 
    Create a morning board like you did. 
    We have a video curriculum, but the calendar section in math does not correspond with the present and so I need to start doing calendar, especially with my boys..

    Could you please write more on how you implement your morning board?

    • ahh….the infamous ‘find my desk’. :) I’m so glad to finally have one…and it is already covered!! :)

    • If I can keep the kids under control, this would be fun to do. :) on the other hand, it would give you a chance to see the CRAZINESS in our house. :)

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