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Preschool Alphabet Worksheets

Each week along with our letter-of-the-week learning I’ve been posting the cut and paste worksheets that we do for each letter of the alphabet.

To make it easier, I’ve put the whole lot of them into one big ol’ PDF file so it’s handy in one place.

‘Cause I’m nice like that.

Here’s the entire document and you’ll also find it linked in the left sidebar under “Preschool Printables”. Just click on the thumbnail graphic to print it off!

Feel free to print them off, and if you’d like to link back to this page, that’s fine too.


Beginning Consonant Cards

Our printer has been on the fritz lately and I really wanted to try these out before posting them…but since I’m pretty sure they will be fun, I figured I’d share them even before I get to play along myself at home!

These are beginning consonant cards to use with your tot/preschooler and are designed to help identify the beginning consonant sound in words. There are 3 pictures provided for each consonant (with the exception of ‘x’ – go figure). I do have them printed off and am going to laminate them to make them a little more sturdy

Match the pictures to their beginning letter sound. You can also use the picture cards to practice identifying objects with your child.

You can download and print the pdf by clicking here for the printable. Be sure to download the long and short vowel cards that I posted as well!


Color Matching Cards

This past week I pulled together some Color Matching Cards for Kaleb to practice matching his colors, naming/identifying objects. You can print the cards off using by clicking on the thumbnail image below.

There are 10 pages/colors shown in this set with 6 cards on each page. One of the cards shows a ‘base’ color. The base colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black and white.

Print the sheets, cut and then laminate to make them more sturdy.

Have your child find the five cards that match the base color shown. If your child is just learning his colors, use only one or two sets at a time and then add more colors in as he begins to sort colors correctly.

Click on the thumbnail above to download a copy. Please feel free to print the pdf file for your own personal use. They were created for private and non-profit use. You are more than welcome to link back to this post.


Lollipop Pattern Cards

Here are some fun pattern cards to use ~ who doesn’t love lollipops?

{Click on the thumbnail to print off the document}.

We used them this week as an activity for the letter L. See how many patterns you can come up with!


The Preschool Corner: Alphabet Book

This week we took a little break from schooltime to get ready for company – and just REST! :) I’ve been going back through my previous posts and separating them out and finished up a few more individual letter posts. They are back-dated to when we actually completed them, but if you are interested, you can follow the links here to the letter “C” and the letter “D”. When I have a little more time I will catch up with the other missing letters.

I also uploaded the template for the alphabet book that we are using to paste our activities in. I printed it double-sided on cardstock and then had it spiral bound (the exact word is escaping me at the moment – but it’s the inexpensive version you can have done quickly and easily).

To give you an idea on how we use this booklet, we print it off front/back and have it spiral-bound so that we can add small craft activities to the booklet that begin with that letter. Here’s a little peek at what we did for the letter B.

A brown boat with a blue sail in the blue water.

If you would like to share what you’ve been doing during your preschool time, feel free to sign Mr. Linky below. Guidelines for The Preschool Corner can be found here. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


The Preschool Corner: Handwriting without Tears

I’ve started out using Handwriting Without Tears style worksheets with Zachary this school year. I made these several years ago when teaching my oldest handwriting.

This week Zachary wanted to choose the letters to work on : L, T, and O. In addition to using the worksheets, we also practiced writing on the dry erase board and the chalkboard.

Zachary’s cutting skills are fairly non-existent (because he would most likely find other uses for scissors – ahem), so we did practicing cutting. We also hung up some of the basic shapes in our dining room to practice their names.

Zachary has also been trying to sound out words – little by little, it’s getting there!! And since Mommy has huge boxes of books to share, we also read a fun science book together each day.

Here are the documents I made to use with Zachary for handwriting practice. Click on the thumbnail to download the worksheets.

Be sure to check back weekly for other Preschool Corner posts and worksheets to use with your preschooler. This year we are focusing on alphabet activities, so stay tuned!