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Israel for Kids: Week 2

We’ve been continuing on in our study of Israel this last week and a half. The girls spent a little more time visiting some websites this week for some virtual tours – which they were thrilled with. In addition we’ve also spent time doing the following:

  • Continued practicing our new geography song about the Middle East (from Geography Songs)
  • Used the book Welcome to Israel: Talked about the size of Israel (similar to New Jersey), the history of Israel and the birth of Israel as a nation, the first Jews (Abraham and Sarah), the Star of David, and the Dead Sea (lowest point on Earth)
  • Mapped a more detailed map of Israel (Enchanted Learning) and also a map of Israel and its neighbors (love this one!)
  • Learned about Israel’s currency (and made up a notebooking sheet for it)
  • Made a dinner of Baked Felafel Sandwiches with a side of hummus for dipping
  • Took a little quiz to see what we had learned about Israel {click on thumbnail below to download pdf}


Sites We Visited 

  • Israel Embassy for Kids – a virtual trip to Israel for kids that helps kids learn about Israel’s currency, geography and much more – the girls loved this!
  • 100 Ideas for Teaching Israel – some great ideas on this page. We used several of these this week in our study of Israel
  • Time for Kids – mapping activity for kids focusing on Israel and its neighbors
  • About.com: Judaism – free Israel coloring pages for kids
  • Israel currency – notebooking page I made showing the paper currency of Israel
  • Yahoo Kids – quick facts about Israel
  • Go Israel.com – Israel’s ministry of tourism, includes maps and pictures. Also has some great videos that the kids loved!

Books We Used 

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Israel for Kids: Week 1

This week we started a 2-week study of Israel. Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been talking about:

  • Locate and map Israel
  • Talked about the geography/terrain of Israel
  • Learn new geography song {Middle East} using Geography Songs
  • Read Children Just Like Me pages and completed the notebooking page
  • Learned about Israel’s flag and colored it
  • Talked about prayer shawls (since the design of Israel’s flagis based on a prayer shawl). The prayer shawl (or tallis/tallit) is a religious symbol, a garment – a sacred and important part of the Jewish life.
  • Learned about the currency of Israel {click on thumbnail below to download the pdf file}


Books We Used

Sites we visited

Tiger Lapbook

We wrapped up our unit on India with a study on Tigers. We used the lapbook provided by Homeschool Share.

We learned all about:

  • a tiger’s diet
  • habitat and home
  • tiger’s teeth
  • how to classify a tiger
  • the different types of tigers
  • what areas tigers are native to
  • types of tigers
  • the anatomy of a tiger
  • how tigers find their prey
  • and more!! (you just need to check it out)

The girl’s had fun using Draw Write Now again to draw their own tigers and also wrote a few facts in their journal so that we could add the page to our lapbooks. We have really loved using these books to add onto our art and drawing. The girls love to draw and these books have helped them so much!

During the week we found several different books about tigers, some fun stories and some fact books that we read and studied together – did you know that a tiger can pounce from a still position up to 30 feet? When we measured it out, we realized that it was almost the length of our entire house.

Then we had fun trying to see how far we could pounce…a measly 3 1/2 feet was the record for Zachary!

Here are the books we used this week along with our study.

Fun Literature

School Books

India for Kids ::Week 2::

This is our second week studying India (scroll down for links a little further in the post). We continued our studies this week and learned more about peacocks, the currency of India, the Taj Mahal and rangoli. Here’s a peek at our week:


  • Mapping of India – more detailed than what we did last week. We also focused on the surrounding countries and bodies of water. I made a map worksheet for this (below) that you can also download.
  • Henna tattos – the girls had a lot of fun watching Indian brides get the intricate tattoos before their wedding and also watching parts of different wedding ceremonies.


  • Peacocks – we found a short little video clip about them and also found a great info sheet to learn more about them. The girls also spent some time on the easel painting their own peacock (do you recognize it in the slideshow above?).
  • William Carey – missionary to India


  • India’s money – the rupee and the paise. I made an information sheet about them (you can click on the thumbnail link below if you would like to download it).


  • Cooking – the girls helped me make a chicken curry dish (yum) along with Naan bread
  • Taj Mahal – We studied who had it designed and why it was built. We also found a short video clip to see a little more of it
  • Learned about rangoli – a form of Indian art. We used colored rice to design our own patterns.

Some of the books that we used this week



Great links for India


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India for Kids ::Week 1::

This week we started a 3 week study of India. Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been talking about.


  • Locate and map India
  • Learn new geography song (see video clip below)
  • Color/label map of India
  • Use atlas to find India and learn more about resources

Geography Song: Countries of South Asia



Click image to download the India flag printable


  • Studied the peacock (India’s national bird)
  • Talked about the Himalayans and Mt. Everest


  • Geography term: peninsula
  • Looked at clothing that is worn in India

Books We Used

Websites We Used

Volcano Lapbook and Unit Study

Volcanoes were top on the list of things to study when the girls found out that Mt. Fuji was actually a volcano. We decided to work together on a lapbook from Homeschool Share. Lapbook components that we studied and used were: parts of a volcano, volcanologist, who’s going to blow, trivia game, inside a volcano, exploding volcano (scholastic pull-tab), volcano phases, vocabulary words, ring of fire, types of rocks, and the earth’s plates.

Our “art” project was to build our own volcano. The kids were far too excited to see how it would explode in our backyard.

On Monday we made some salt dough and formed a volcano using a tea bottle and a cardboard box. I based the model we made from this one that I found through a google search.

The dough took a few days to dry, so on Wednesday we were able to paint it together. I outlined a few areas for the girls and they worked together to paint it to make it look more like a scene/cutaway of a volcano. When they were done with the base painting, they let Mommy drip red paint around the ledge of the volcano to make it look like lava was dripping down the sides of the mountain.

Here is our completed project in action. Be warned: Screaming toddler and swinging lens cap may disrupt your viewing pleasure.

Volcano links for kids: