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Israel for Kids: Week 2

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We’ve been continuing on in our study of Israel this last week and a half. The girls spent a little more time visiting some websites this week for some virtual tours – which they were thrilled with. In addition we’ve also spent time doing the following:

  • Continued practicing our new geography song about the Middle East (from Geography Songs)
  • Used the book Welcome to Israel: Talked about the size of Israel (similar to New Jersey), the history of Israel and the birth of Israel as a nation, the first Jews (Abraham and Sarah), the Star of David, and the Dead Sea (lowest point on Earth)
  • Mapped a more detailed map of Israel (Enchanted Learning) and also a map of Israel and its neighbors (love this one!)
  • Learned about Israel’s currency (and made up a notebooking sheet for it)
  • Made a dinner of Baked Felafel Sandwiches with a side of hummus for dipping
  • Took a little quiz to see what we had learned about Israel {click on thumbnail below to download pdf}


Sites We Visited 

  • Israel Embassy for Kids – a virtual trip to Israel for kids that helps kids learn about Israel’s currency, geography and much more – the girls loved this!
  • 100 Ideas for Teaching Israel – some great ideas on this page. We used several of these this week in our study of Israel
  • Time for Kids – mapping activity for kids focusing on Israel and its neighbors
  • About.com: Judaism – free Israel coloring pages for kids
  • Israel currency – notebooking page I made showing the paper currency of Israel
  • Yahoo Kids – quick facts about Israel
  • Go Israel.com – Israel’s ministry of tourism, includes maps and pictures. Also has some great videos that the kids loved!

Books We Used 

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Hi Jolanthe,
    Just stopping by to check out all the wonderful links you have for Israel! Thank you so much for sharing these!

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