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Alphabet Mini Booklets – Letters K to O (Free Printable)


Every few weeks I have been sharing a set of alphabet mini booklets with you. Today I have a brand new set to share for the letters K – O. My friend’s daughter and I have been working through these booklets a few letters at a time and having fun together. The booklets are very simple and fold up into a quarter-sheet size – perfect for smaller hands. 

A Peek Inside


Each of the letter sheets prints off double sided onto 8.5″ x 11″ paper and folds to a quarter-sheet sized booklet. There are a total of 8 mini-pages for each booklet and inside you’ll find the following: 

  • Cover – color in the block letters as you talk about upper and lower case letters and the sound the letter makes
  • Finish the Maze – find your way through the beginning sounds maze
  • Trace the Letters – trace the upper and lower case letters
  • Do-a-Dot upper and lower case – use crayons, paint, stickers, or other art mediums to color the circles
  • Color the Picture Words (2 pages) – color and say the words that being with the booklet letter
  • Words I Know – write down all the words your child knows that begin with the letter

alphabet-mini-booklet-fold-and-cut-exampleOnce printed, cut along the horizontal dotted line. Stack the papers (pages are numbered) and fold in half on the solid line to create a mini booklet. Borderless printing is recommend (an option in most printer settings).

While it’s a little hard to show you every single page from every single booklet, here is an up-close sampling of what each booklet includes. 


Purchase the full set of letter booklet bundle in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that includes a bonus set of the picture mazes you see above!  



Download the free K to O set by clicking below. Enjoy!

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Alphabet Crafts

At the beginning of the year I was posting the alphabet crafts that we were making during our preschool time ~ up until the letter F.

I didn’t quit, but have been sharing them over at Totally Tots as part of the weekly Now I Know My ABC’s time. If you are interested in seeing them and making them along with your kiddos, you can click on the thumbnail images below and you will be taken directly to the post showing how to make the craft.


The Preschool Corner: Letter M

Last week we had so much fun with our lapbook, that we decided to another one this week. This week I’ll be sharing about our preschool fun studying the letter “M” and at the end of the post you will find Mr. Linky so that you can participate too in the fun by sharing what you’ve been doing during your preschool time.

I pulled out several books this week that we were going to read and asked Zachary which one he wanted to focus on, and he chose If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I pulled together resources from several different sites and we had fun making another lapbook together based on that book.

We did do a few activities that weren’t related to the book, but it’s all listed below, so enjoy looking around. I’ve provided links to the various activities and sites that we used, whenever possible.

ABC Book: Mouse and a Cookie

The alphabet book page for the letter “M” was a little grey mouse and his cookie. Zachary cut his pieces out after I traced them for him and then added dots to his cookie – because that’s what mice eat, right?

Alphabet Activities: Upper and Lowercase Matching

I found some cards that have upper and lowercase letter matching on them on this site. The cards are a jpeg/gif image so you can make them whatever size you would like. I pulled all the images together from her site and made a document. I would be happy to email you the full document if you would like. Just leave a comment requesting it or email me and I’ll get it to you!

Fun Activities: Shadow Matching and Monster Cookies

I found a fun game that uses similar images to the ones in the book and then has a shadow image of it to put match. I cut apart all the images and we used one side of the lapbook to glue the game pieces and I stapled a baggie to the side to store the game pieces. You can find the shadow match game here (it is also in the document that I put together).

Since we read all about cookies we had to make some to eat too, so we made Monster Cookies.

Lapbook: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The majority of the lapbook pieces that I printed off were from Homeschool Share and their mini books for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I used a full size folder for this lapbook and glued some of the game pieces directly onto the folder so that we could open it up and play it. On the back of the lapbook I glued our math game (only three sides) so that the pieces to the game can slide down in between the game board and the lapbook cover. You can see in one of the pictures above if you can’t visualize it.

Here are the pieces that we worked on:

I Spy: While we read through the book, we played “I Spy” and tried to find anything that was shaped like a circle in the book and then wrote it down in our mini book.

Mouse Anatomy: Since we’re talking about mice we also did a mini book that shows different parts of a mouse: tail, hairless ears, clawed feet and whiskers.

Shadow Matching: This game wasn’t from Homeschool Share, but I cut the board pieces apart and glued them onto one of the inside pieces of the lapbook. You can find the shadow game here or email me and I’ll send you the document I made that includes it.

If You Give a Boy a Cookie: This was a mini book that gives a story prompt. I asked Zachary to finish the sentence and this was his response:

“If you give a boy a cookie he would just eat it and go outside and play. If he put a magical hat on it to come alive he could take it outside to play.”

Storywheel: This is a wheel that helps retell the story using pictures. I printed it off on cardstock to make it a little more sturdy.

Letter Sheet/Collage
Click thumbnail to download


We used a cookie counting game that tied into If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and glued it to the back of our lapbook so we could keep it handy. The game has numbers from 1-20 and you can fill in the blank that tells you how many cookies to put on the plate.

Stories and Books

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Moose a Muffin


Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple

Mary Had a Little Jam and Other Silly Rhymes

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