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Camping Preschool Pack ~ Free Preschool Printables!

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Camping printable pack for preschool and kindergarten

Summer is already in full swing here and we’ve enjoyed our first camping trip of hopefully many this season! I’m excited to pull this out to use soon and know that we’re going to have so much fun with it!

Want a little peek at the new Camping Preschool Pack?

Camping Collage

The Camping Preschool Pack includes some of the parts that you all love: word and letter tracer sheets, early writing strips, a pattern page, find the different object, and beginning sound cards along with a few other favorites. It also includes a few extras special to this pack ~ a simple maze, word matching, compound words and a fun camping song.

You can download the Camping Preschool Pack here. Be sure to download both parts of the pack!

Camping Go Alongs


Find more fun Preschool Packs on my website along with many other helpful {and free} Preschool Printables.


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. SARAH9072 says

    Hi. I have tried to download some of these packs but it says it cannot open the document. Can you help?

    • you may want to check and see if your adobe acrobat is up to date. :) the packs are all opening fine for me…otherwise, try dropping me an email and I can email you a few files directly.

  2. MetropolitanHousewife says

    Sadly, I am unable to download the packet as well. It opens for me as a single-paged document:  I get the title page for both links (part one and part two) but that is the only thing that appears when I open either document.  It certainly looks like a wonderful packet, wish I could access it!

  3. I have downloaded these packs.  So cute!  Wondering if you have anything similar for 3rd grade!

  4. Long story short. My first visit here…… I posted some photos this afternoon on my blog which included images from your camping pack, being used at a preschool in OH serving children w special needs. I commented about how clever they were and mentioned that if anyone could identify them I would be delighted to edit my post with an update. LOW AND BEHOLD!!! This is the first time that a reader has popped up with the feedback that I’m looking for — including the direct link in her comment.

    I feel like I’ve ‘arrived’ as a blogger! (Only took me 3.9 years to have this milestone.) Now I blather. The point is: HOW COOL IS YOUR RESOURCE?

    If you have a moment you might get a smile to see how your resources were incorporated into this setting. It would really make your heart smile — and I can tell from just the first glance that you’re a heart smiling kind of person! <3

    Debbie Clement
    Rainbows Within Reach

  5. hi…I tried to download the pack 2 but it says “failed to download”

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!! I tried to download pack 2 but it failed, would you mind emailing? Blessings!

  7. Cheri Ehlert says

    I am unable to download pack 2. It says “failed to download”…? I really love pack 1 and am looking forward to pack 2. Can you email it to me please?


  8. Robyn Ruzicka says

    I am unable to download these and would love to use them next week in my kindergarten classroom.

  9. You have to click on the three dots in the right corner and then open in a different browser. Click pdf or however you want to down load it. It may take some trial and error but the links do work and the problem is with whatever device you are choosing to use.

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