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Bridge Builder Instant Challenge ~ Logic for Kids

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This year we are a part of a smaller learning group with a few other families. Every other month I have the chance to work with the older group of kids {grades 4 through 6…or 7} using some fun, hands-on activities to help get the creative juices flowing and foster working together as a team.

Building Bridges Instant Challenge - a fun, creative logic activity for kids - homeschoolcreations.net

The plan – instant challenges.

Years ago, Michelle from Delightful Learning shared some Instant Challenge activities and we are working on those with the eleven kids in our group.

Instant Challenge – Bridge Builder

For our first instant challenge we worked on the Bridge Builder. We broke the kiddos up into three groups and spread them out so that no ideas could be overheard or peeked at {wink}. We had a mix of boys and girls in each group, assigned a leader to each group and explained the rules per the instructions on the sheet.

Challenge: Create a bridge that will hold weight. The bridge must span from Point A to Point B {two taped squares 6-8” apart} and points will be earned based on creativity, structure stability, and other extras.

Supplies: deck of cards and a pair of scissors

{see the downloads and more information here}


The groups were given time limits for the task {see the handout from Delightful Learning} and another mom and I walked around during the construction time to see how the kids were working together as a team and to make sure the rules were being followed.


When the time was up, hands were off and we pulled out our score sheets to check a few things:

  • was there a standing structure?
  • could the bridge hold weight?
  • creativity in design
  • was teamwork evident?

20121002-IMG_8563 20121002-IMG_8569

The Finished Bridges

This was a great introduction challenge activity for the kids to get an idea of what was expected of them – and have some creative fun! Somehow I only seem to have a few pictures of the finished products {apparently, I must have been busy attempting to collapse their structures!


The three teams all had a different method for building and supporting their bridges as well – some cut them so they would hold together and others just folded/bent cards.


Each of the teams did have a bridge/structure at the end of the challenge and we then placed one nail at a time on the bridges to see how much weight each one would support before collapsing. The teams earned 5 points for each nail that their bridge could support {we had a total of ten nails}. While no team’s bridge was able to support the full weight, it was fun watching their faces as they waited to see how durable their bridges would be.

I think the hardest part of this challenge {for me} was NOT giving advice and letting the kids all work through the issues that came up together as a team {even when I KNEW that something wouldn’t work…or there was a much easier solution to the problem}.

Overall – SUCH a fun activity!! Below you’ll find the links to the different posts that Michelle share with the downloads.

Challenge #1 – Bridge Builder Introduction

Delightful Learning’s Challenge #1 Results

Our results from the Bridge Builder Instant Challenge several years ago

This is a great activity to have your kids work on, either individually or in a group setting and see the creative things they come up with! What activities do you do with your kids to foster creativity and teamwork?


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’ve been looking for some engineering type projects. Thanks for sharing

  2. What a fun hands on activity!! Looks like they had some pretty good ideas! I hope you are having fun at BEECH!!

  3. I have been posting building posts this week, too!

  4. So awesome that you are getting together with other families to do these! What a great teamwork advantage! Loved seeing the pics!

  5. It is so much fun watching children this age work together to come up with creative solutions. I’m like you, I really want to jump in and give some advice, but I’ve learned to sit back and watch because the kids usually come up with much more interesting solutions than I could ever imagine!

    Thanks for sharing this at the Finishing Strong Link-up!

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