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Book Giveaway: Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson

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Own Your Life Book

A book that has meant so much to me and has touched my heart on so many levels is Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson. I mentioned earlier this month that it should be the first book you read this year. And I mean that.

It will challenge, encourage, and push you to be more of the woman that God created you to be. Sally shares what it means to live your life in a meaningful way, follow God in all you do, and gives practical guidance to build a life that is intentional.

Win a Copy of Own Your Life

Own Your LIfe book giveaway bundle-1

Sound like this is  something you need right now? I would LOVE to give one of you a copy of Own Your Life and also include a boxful of other great books from authors like Jen Hatmaker, Mary DeMuth, Crystal Paine, and Priscilla Shirer! (see note below)

If you’d like to enter to win this stash of books, just follow the directions in the widget below.

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Note: Own Your Life is a brand-new copy. All other books are in gently-used, loved condition. Some are duplicate copies, and a few may have one or two dog-eared pages or a few underlined passages. This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone, but is a book that I am personally providing to a reader.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’d love to OWN my life by getting my businesses going so that I don’t have to choose between bills or extra curricular activities for my children.

  2. I want to own my life by being more organized and intentional so I waste less time and have more time to do what I love.

  3. Jenny Reid says

    My prayer is that I will follow God obediently this year as he leads me in what’s best for our family … without giving in to that nagging desire to do what people around me are doing. I want to live confidently in His plan for OUR life!

  4. Lisa Luginbill says

    I really want to read this book. It looks really good.

  5. I want to own my life by praying more consistently everyday – using my prayer box!!!

  6. Kimberly Rollins Vervain says

    I want to be more intentional about placing God as my center focus. There’s been a lot of change in the past year (almost all good!), but I’m still struggling to find my center in a growing number of roles. I would love to read this book.

  7. I would love to read Sally Clarkson’s new book. Definitely could use tips for being intentional.

  8. I can’t wait to read this! I hope to own my life this year by making more time for me with three homeschooling girls at home….whenever that may be!

  9. Tammy Jones says

    I feel like life is pulling me along instead of me doing the steering.

  10. tammy cordery says

    I would love to own my life by making more time for myself. So many times I do things for others without thinking about myself.

  11. I’d like to be more intentional about the things I spend my time on this year.

  12. I want to be confident that I am doing what God called me to do. I want to embrace all that I am in Him, especially what I perceive as flaws.

  13. My word for the year is SLOW. The book will help me prioritize and get back to the basics within my family.

  14. I’d like to own my life this year by getting rid of things that distract me from accomplishing things that give glory to God.

  15. Carrie Seibert says

    I want to own my life this year by better prioritizing and utilizing my time so that I take care of my family and our business, without either one getting the short end of the stick.

  16. mandyponderingsofasimpleheart says

    Last year was a very difficult year. I feel as if I wasted so much time. This year, I want to own my life by filling my days with purpose and clinging to hope.

  17. Michelle Drake says

    I am trying this year to own my life by spending more quality time with my kids and letting go of the unimportant things that seem to take up my day. Also we are trying to buy a house and be settled again after living out of boxes for the last year.

  18. Bonnie Boucek says

    I’d love to read this book as I love to learn new things to improve my life.

  19. LLTwinsMama says

    I want to own my life by being more organized so that I can get more of the things in life that matter…done! :)

  20. Jill Tarnosky says

    This year I am focusing on my top 3 priorities and saying no to things that take my time/focus away from what is most important to me. That is how I am trying to own my life.

  21. I don’t want to be discouraged or question the good works and purposes He has for me when I run into difficulties and conflicting messages from myself and/or others.

  22. I’d love to own my life by finding time for ME. I love serving others- my family, my friends, those around me, but I often find myself yearning for a little time to do what I want to do, not just what everyone else needs me to do.

  23. I would like to own my life by having more control over my emotions and moods. Instead of feeling out of control, I would like to be able to give God control over them.

  24. Choosing to focus on what’s valuable!

  25. Susan Hurford Ahlquist says

    I want to own my life by getting into shape like I have always talked about but not yet quite achieved.

  26. I want to be more intentional in spending time with, and training, my children in what matters most!

  27. Crystal Allen says

    I want to find a decent work/life balance. Esp. since I work from home.

  28. I want to own “my own life” by walking in loving obedience to God, and by loving my family and friends in a more meaningful way.

  29. I’d like to own my life by getting my financial house in order!

  30. I want to own my life but stepping out and giving it back to Christ! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  31. Be obedient to God’s plan for my life and family and share the love of Christ with those around me. To be confident!

  32. I will own my life by being more intentional about creating beauty in my home

  33. Melissa Bowers says

    I’m not sure I really understand the concept of “owning your life,” which is why I would like to read this book! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

  34. I would to read this and all other books.

  35. Definitely sounds like something I need to read right now, and I would love to win a copy. Thanks so very much! =)

  36. Lisa Mitchell says

    My friend is in a Mom Heart group and they are doing a study on this Clarkson book. She said it is good so far so I would really like to have a copy, thanks!

  37. Excited about this giveaway! I hope to own my life this year by embracing WONDER – going slow and finding wonder.

  38. Bethany Umble says

    I want to own my life by living into and becoming the woman God designed me to be; not comparing myself to or waiting on permission from others, but stepping confidently into my calling.

  39. Abigail Carpenter says

    I have four beautiful children 7 and under who see the good, bad and ugly. As a follower or Christ I want them to see Him in me. I want to be intentional in the decisions I make and stop blaming others for the bad choices.

  40. Great giveaway! Her book is on my to-read list for this year.

  41. I would like to own my life this year by becoming more faithful and disciplined in my walk with Jesus, by being more organized in every aspect of my life, and by being more in tune with my children ages 13, 9 and 3.

  42. My word for the year is NO!…it’s helping me own my life because I’m not giving too much of myself away.

  43. I want to own my own year by having more focus on the things that are important and get less sucked in by the distractions in life!

  44. Heidi Sink says

    I want to allow God to continue changing me as i mother and homeschool our boys. I want to hear His voice as we pray for wisdom

  45. Actually “live” – do things and get things accomplished – instead of simply being in a “holding zone” waiting and waiting in mid-move status.

  46. I’d love to win this bundle! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Jennifer Pac Scott says

    For me, it would be making sure I take care of my health/well being so I can be 100% for my family!

  48. Emily Copeland says

    Am I allowed to say that I’d like to own my life by saying “no” a little more often? Gosh, I get roped into so many things that end up stressing me out and making me less of who I need to be for my family!

  49. Charis Chapman says

    I want to be present in the moment with my children!

  50. Heather Lei says

    I’d like to own my life by finding a routine that allows me to have a balance in all areas of my life so my family can thrive.

  51. I would love this.. I need some expert help in this area.. Thanks

  52. I want to own my life by being more gentle with my children and controlling my tongue!

  53. Be intentional and take action on the goals that He has clearly placed in my life, and say no to the things that are not my gifting and passions.

  54. I think I mostly just want to get control over how I spend my time. With 6 kids, teenagers down to a nursing baby, I am struggling to get it all done (and deciding what HAS to get done, and what can be dropped!). Priorities. I’m struggling with all that… ;)

  55. As I have come to the end of 31 years in an abusive marriage, this year I want to own peace, healing and forgiveness for my life.

  56. I’m investing in my son and figuring out how he works!

  57. I’m trying to own my life this year by taking time to care for myself instead of only caring for everyone else. Not sure what that will look like yet, but I’m trying to figure it out.

  58. I want to own my life by spending more time in God’s word.

  59. by being more in the moment and not feeling rushed to get the next thing finished.

  60. I want to own my life by being kinder with my words and attitude towards my children…more patient, more loving, less frustrated.

  61. I would like to take concrete steps toward getting a homestead.

  62. I want to continue to simplify my life and make sure that I am prioritizing my life according to what God thinks is important.

  63. I want to own my life this year by seeking Jesus more intently to rediscover what He’s created me to be.

  64. I want to own my life by being more organized and intentional so that I can accomplish more.

  65. I need to be more intentional with my own health so I have the energy to be more intentional with my family.

  66. I would love to not be ruled by the “tyranny of the urgent”. I understand I need to be flexible for God’s plans, but how can I ever hope to have a schedule when the “urgent” appears every day and sometimes more than once a day?!

  67. Rhonda Euceda says

    Be more present with my family and OWN organization :)

  68. Monica Sharman says

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’ve appreciated Sally’s writing and speaking.

  69. I would like to own my life this year by getting my home and life organized.

  70. Continue and gain confidence in my new situation in that he has a plan and I need to trust in him.

  71. Anne Perry says

    I am going create a home school Waldorf kindergarten class on our 5 acre lot.

  72. I would love to own my life this year!!!!!!!!

  73. Embrace each day fully – whatever God brings into my day or changes my plans, I will find joy and not fight it.

  74. arthursmummy says

    This sounds fantastic! I love Sally Clarkson’s books, and I haven’t read this one yet! I would love to read it! :)

  75. hollyferrero says

    Not letting my kids’ activities rule my schedule

  76. I so want to read this book! I want to own my own life by first finding peace and dealing with my anger with regards to this divorce. I also want to start an at home business which will enable me to make money yet still homeschool. In addition to that I need to be able to balance work responsibilities with play. Be more intentional with spending quality time with my daughter and playing with her more before she’s all grown up. Last of all, I want to declutter, simplify, and organize my life in ALL areas. I would also like to own my fitness goals an stay healthy.

  77. Being in a consistent and good routine with my kids allowing our day to run more smooth and peaceful

  78. I’m taking steps to a healthier me this year. I started doing Crossfit and yoga. Also making some diet changes. Losing weight and feeling good!

  79. I am trying to lean on God for all that I do, but as a parent of 2 small kids, it can be challenging. Throw in work, home, and husband, it can take a toll on anyone. Helping my family become closer to God and each other starts somewhere, and this would be a great way to guide me on my journey!

  80. I want to own my life by helping my husband finish his masters and get out of debt so that we can give more and spend more time as a family.

  81. Susan Yuanita says

    Oh this is maybe something that I need now, to refocus, to the life I have inside me.

  82. I’d like to own my own life by being intentional about making more time for myself and family :)

  83. My goal is to own my life by being more intentional with how I use my time, spend time with my kids and hubby, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Kiley Chamberlain says

    Cool. I would be interested in reading that book. thanks for the items you have shared.

  85. Several of these books are on my “to-read” list – I’d love to win them!

  86. Thank you!

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