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April Garden Update ~ HSV Garden Challege

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imageAlthough we don’t have anything planted in the garden yet, we have made progress!! The window boxes have all been hung up on our deck {thanks to my wonderful hubby} and thanks to one of my lovely readers, we’re planning on doing Square Foot Gardening this year!

They look so small and pitiful in that part of the yard, but I can see them from our bathroom window…which will in turn remind me to water the garden every day.

garden boxes

Once I got the bug to do it, I had my hubby pick up the lumber and Laurianna and I worked on building the boxes for the two 4×4 garden beds that we’ll be planting in. We covered the bottom with the anti-weed covering and also chicken wire to keep out any pesky diggers coming up from underneath.

The hardest thing to find was the vermiculite for the soil mix. When we went to Lowes to pick up some bags, they suggested that we check with our local pool company since they often use vermiculite in their mix for pool bottoms.

So I did. Want to hear something funny?

I brought home the bags and we were going to mix it with the other parts of the recommended soil mix and my hubby realized that the bags I had purchased had CONCRETE IN THEM! It’s a good thing that he reads the labels…and double checks what I do.

That would have been GREAT in the garden, no? I’m sure I would have had much progress to report next month after the first watering. :)

Our window boxes need to have the soil replaced in them also, since what is popping up now has nothing to do with the plants that I would like to have in there, and everything to do with weeds.


Still to do this month:

~ plant seeds and pick up other plants from nursery for window boxes, front porch planters and garden beds.

~ put ‘fencing’ of some sort around the garden beds to keep out all of the pesky critters that want to make my food their own personal buffet.

~ build up one extra bed for herbs at the side of our house.

~ start plotting some other beds either for this year or next year {depending on my ambitions}

Be sure to stop by The Homeschool Village and see the progress other  participants have made in their gardens along with the Garden Challenge!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Looks like you have made a ton of progress!! I need to get my plants and seeds going soon!!

  2. sorry, still laughing – CONCRETE?!?!

    • yeah…cause I read labels. One would have thought that me blathering on
      and on about how we were planning to use it in our garden would have
      triggered SOMETHING in their minds.

  3. One of the co-ops in our homeschool group is doing a whole gardening unit study, and one of the garden groups is doing Square Foot Gardening. I’ve always wanted to try it, and may investigate it for next year.

    I’m just impressed you garden with everything else you have going on!!

  4. Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias says

    We haven’t planted anything yet either, it was snowing yesterday. The peas will get soaked overnight tonight and go in the ground tomorrow if I can get the hoop coop and the chickens moved out of our yard and into the pasture today.

  5. You look like you are just at the point I’m at–looking at my beautiful empty beds. I love that you can see yours from your bedroom.

  6. Subi_rossy1 says

    i like garden

  7. Lovely Blog.
    Wondering how you find Disqus – I’m thinking of using the same and I noticed you had issues initially.

    • Jody ~

      It’s been working fine since I reinstalled it on my blog. They made some
      changes and now it’s working great. Love that I can reply to comments
      via my email program on my computer and block certain users {spam} from
      ever leaving comments. :) I can also edit comments that people leave
      also {if needed}.


  8. lol, that would have been hilarious but I am glad he caught it!

  9. Looking good!! I’ll be looking forward to how your square foot gardening goes! We have a plot at a local community garden that we’ll be digging in this week if it dries up enough. Don’t have anything planted yet, but I’ve been planning!

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