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I pulled up a new game for the girls to play on the computer the other day based on European geography and they did amazingly well…much better than their Mom, mind you.

When I asked Laurianna how she remembered all the countries, she reminded me about the GeoPuzzle that they have been using, which has apparently more than paid for itself – hurray!! There are two more that are being moved over to the “buy now” section of my Amazon cart now. If it works…

The website the girls visited has geography games for all the continents and each game has different levels that you can choose to play. Level 1 allows you to click on the correct country; in level 2 you drag countries to the correct location (by region); in level 3 you are on your own to place countries where they belong. There are so many different ways to play too!

The games are provided free of charge through a company called Sheppard Software and there are tons of games on their site, including ones for vocabulary, science, math and more. I’ll be putting the link in my sidebar too, but be sure to check it out!


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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