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A Quick Look at Our Week

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Preschool CornerWe haven’t worked on any kindergarten literature units or other themed units in the last little bit, so we’ve been focusing on the day to day basics and just having fun with those areas. Our school routine has really gotten into a groove that works for us ~ and that makes the day so much easier!

Our day starts off with a ‘group’ time where we work on our Calendar & Morning Board. As a family we have Bible time and then work on history. Once we are finished up, the kids start working on their independent work.

Kaleb and I then start on his school time together since he has little that he can work on without my help right now. He loves his calendar notebook and sits down to work on that and also his handwriting.  A typical morning for him includes working on math together, language, handwriting, reading/spelling, and any other extra things we’re working on.

Geography with Little Passports

This week we started some geography fun with Little Passports. The suitcase has been sitting near his desk for a few weeks and he was excited when we pulled it out and opened it up!

Little Passports

The first month’s introduction kit comes with a letter from Sam and Sophia, who are making plans to travel the world on their magical scooter. Kaleb filled out his passport and we talked about what countries he would like to ‘visit’ this year – Netherlands, Tanzania, and Germany were his top picks {grins}.

Kindergarten Homeschool-3

Kaleb used a number puzzle to answer some of the questions in the activity section. I am SO going to have to put together some word/number puzzles for him this way – he loved it!

Kindergarten Homeschool-4

One activity we also worked on was finding different countries and their capitals on the map to discover where Sam and Sophia are going next. I helped find the countries and then Kaleb spelled out the capitals of the countries for me. Next stop on our Little Passport adventures is Brazil!

Math Fun

Kaleb saw the older kids using the Addition Wrap-ups this week and wanted to have a turn with them. He worked over and over on the +1 key and loved them! We’ll definitely be pulling these out more!

Kindergarten Homeschool-1

To help him with some of his math problems, we pulled out our Base Ten Blocks so that he could group the numbers and add them by counting 1:1. The hands-on counting really helped him a lot.

Kindergarten Homeschool-2-2

Kindergarten Reading

We’ve reviewed several of the lessons in All About Reading Level 1 and this week moved onto a new lesson and talked about the letter ‘e’ sound. One of the activities was reading and sorting rhyming words. Kaleb is excited now that we’re adding stars to his reading chart again – yay! Having reading be the FIRST thing we work on together has made a big difference in his attitude as well.

Kindergarten Homeschool-1-2

That’s just a quick look at our week together. We also went on a field trip with some friends…and a certain mom forgot to bring her camera along with her {ahem}. The most important part was – it was fun!

How was your week?


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. What a fun week! I have a kindergardeners too and have learned that the order we do our lessons in makes a huge difference! Reading is first over here too. We are using AlphaPhonics and really liking it. We are about to start All About Spelling and I can’t wait.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing details of how your day goes! I’m thinking of homeschooling and it helps me so much to have a real, tangible, “step-by-step” example of what a day would look like. You make it seem so easy! Great job and thank you!

  3. Hmm, I think those addition wrapups would be a hit with my 5 year old! He does not like “math” but loves the games :D Trying to figure out ways to cater to a kinesthetic learner when everyone else is audible and visual :D Including mommy!

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