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Sometimes life gets so busy and there are (seemingly) a million things that I’d love to share with you all – but well, life gets in the way. Or I tend to think that it isn’t worth sharing. So what may be in my head (and on my heart) just gets pushed aside because – well, it seems trivial.

But – maybe it might help you feel normal, right? So here is the state of my mind (take it for what it is worth)…

  • I’m about ready to throw in the soppy wet towel for swim season. How in the world other parents do it with year-round sports schedules is beyond me. If I had a big wall calendar and could mark off the days until the final meet this weekend, I would use a huge red Sharpie marker and scribble out every day. I’m not anxious to be done or anything.
  • Parenting is tough work. Do I really need to elaborate on this. My patience is thin. The kids are relentless. And my nerves are about shot most days.
  • Our extra fridge died. Trying to keep all the ‘stuff’ we need (first world problems) in one fridge = humorous. It’s putting a cramp in my ‘shop once a month’ style.
  • Did I mention our truck broke down 20 miles from home while we were returning from vacation? Not so fond of having to pay mechanics, but thankful that they do know how to fix the problems.
  • Add in a lovely tooth issue bill = truck + the fridge and that = $$ (sigh)
  • Vacations are nice and lovely, but I-do-not-want-to-leave-my-house-for-a-very-long-time. Amen. If you would like to visit, please do, but I refuse to pack, unpack, refill toiletries, do gagillions of loads of laundry upon returning one more time. I will happily cook a meal for you, but I want to stay home.
  • Planning for school seems rather daunting this year. There are fewer workbooks the older the kids get and it isn’t as cut-and-dried as it has seemed in years past. I’m also suffering from a major lack of focus at the moment which isn’t helping.
  • The school room is clean, new supplies have been purchased, and we finally have shades in the windows so there will be no more whining from a certain child about how the light is too blinding. Instead it will likely be too dim for said child to see anything (grins). Now to finally finish the trim and last coat of paint (cough.cough dear husband).
  • Many days I would just like to curl up with a good book and ignore the state of the house. I may have done that at least one day this summer. At least.
  • The kids are staying up later. And later. And still getting up early. But listening to them talk and laugh at night – well, I just don’t want to tell them to be quiet, especially since they are getting along.
  • The computer – well, over the last month and a half wifi or internet has been limited and it’s actually been nice. While there are ideas in my head of things to create, the push to do them has been not as heavy. It’s just been nice to not feel the need to do one thing. On the other hand, my inbox may push me over the proverbial edge.
  • As much as I was looking forward to summer, it has been a lot crazier and busier than I envisioned. Is it wrong to say that I am ready for the routine of school to kick in?

And that…well, that’s it for the moment. I’m trying to get it all together for the upcoming school year and we’ve pushed our start date to Monday, August 11th just so we can get a few things done and feel like there is some breathing room in life.

How are YOU doing?

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I hear you!! We finally finished swim club last weekend and had our picnic tonight. I will miss it…a little!!

    Sounds like you’ve had a crazy summer! I am finally learning to spend less time on the computer and more time on life. It has been very freeing–even though there are a bazillion things I want to write about, I am much healthier and happier when I have more downtime!

    Miss you! Glad to see this fun update from you!

    • It’s been rather freeing – and thankfully a great lesson in relaxing for me too. :) I’m looking forward to enjoying the pool for the remaining weeks – but just as the pool!! :)

  2. If I knew you personally, I would invite you over for coffee, tea or ice cream or whatever. Glad to know somebody else is looking forward to school. My first world woe: today was the first day I tried to do an errand with my five kiddos, the baby is not two weeks yet. We NEEDED a few staples, like milk,.diapers. I figured twenty minutes, we can do this. I got everyone safely into the store and they had no power. Couldn’t get into any cases containing perishable items and credit machines and registers weren’t working. We loaded up in the van, my two year old was in meltdown because he understood he couldn’t have a bottle, headed to the next closest store and tried to keep it together. Over an hour later, we returned home and the baby’s diaper exploded everywhere. During everyone’s resting time, I just cried. I wish I.could start school tomorrow. Thank you for the e-hug and reminder that parenting is tough.

    • Oh – hugs to you, Angie. I’m so sorry for all the problems today. Praying for you (and your sanity). Hang in there!!!! And give yourself some HUGE grace!! The fact that you attempted to get out of the house with all 5 kids – one of them 2 weeks old – WOW!!!!!

  3. We are gearing up to begin school soon. Where did the summer go? But like you, I’m ready to get the school routine going again. :) And I totally hear ya on the vacation thing. Traveling is tiring, isn’t it?

  4. Sounds familiar! :) Hang in there!

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