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$50 Amazon Gift Card – Back to School Giveaway

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We’re in the final stretch of back to school time, but the shopping still isn’t quite done in our home – and maybe not in yours either. To help you wrap up your back-to-school shopping (and pad the budget), today we are giving away a $50 Amazon gift card!!! It’s not fancy, but maybe your Amazon cart is brimming with various ideas like mine (grins). 


Super easy to enter – have fun browsing Amazon (and shopping from your pajamas!). And several of the entry options allow you to enter once a day, so be sure to visit and share often. 

Enter the Giveaway

Ready to enter? All you need to do is follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway is open to those who can receive the $50 gift card via email. Giveaway ends on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 11:59pm.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Lisa Brown says

    I have what I need for back-to-school. I would use the card for printer toner.

  2. Tammy Darling says

    We still need a bunch of small stuff such as pens but the little things add up quickly. It would be used for my teens.

  3. Awesome giveaway! I would use it towards some science equipment.

  4. Jessica Moore says

    I would use the gift card for some fun school supplies!

  5. Heather Allen says

    I’d probably get supplies for science for my middle schooler, and maybe something for myself.

  6. Mrsm Monika says

    High school science, art supplies, music

  7. I would use the money to buy my niece new school clothes. She has everything else.

  8. This would be great to win for our homeschool!! I can use it for some supplies I need.

  9. An electric pencil sharpener has been sitting on my wish list for awhile. It would be for all of us to use but would probably really save my sanity :)

  10. Leila Maia Godino says

    I will use it for my kid. It’s so difficult to find good quality learning toys here in my country that I will definitely use it for my kid.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  11. We haven’t bought colored pencils yet.

  12. Shared on Facebook with the username Mary Carmen.

  13. Jennifer Stone says

    I would buy the textbook my daughter needs for chemistry at homeschool co-op!

  14. I’d probably use it for some more pleasure reading books. Or maybe I would just spend it on me, it’s been awhile since I got something for myself.

  15. I need an electric pencil sharpener so bad!!!

  16. Joy Lockwood says

    I still need dry erase markers and a few books. I would use it on those items!

  17. I would love to use it for some educational games that I usually don’t have the budget for.

  18. Nina Milburn says

    I need printer paper and a few more things still!

  19. I’m still mulling over art supplies.

  20. I would use it for mechanical pencils, and a few books we still need.

  21. I was supposed to clean the school shelves last week and figure out what I still need =) I would get some pencils, the Green Ember book, and president game you told us about!

  22. Jeanette Keath says

    I changed ages this year, so I’m still shopping for dap activities and manipulatives for my new students! Amazon has everything!

  23. Sarah Lambrecht says

    Done with school supply shopping so I’d probably use it to buy something for me!

  24. Christy K says

    Art supplies!

  25. Patricia Whitehead says

    Thank you for the giveaway, I still have some small things on my list to get

  26. I still have homeschool curriculum to buy. I would really appreciate winning this Amazon gift card

  27. Angela Mcneal says

    i will use it for bedding for my kids

  28. I need the frixion pens, watercolor paint and paper, and a few books.

  29. April Wise Goldman says

    Ill use it for school supplies!! Fingers crossed

  30. I have several things I would love to add to my classroom!

  31. I have several things I would love to add to my school shelves!

  32. Julie Wood says

    I will be getting school supplies with this money. My kids need everything, paper, folders, pencils, glue crayons! So many things to get!

  33. Great giveaway! I would use it towards a history book for my 9th grader or kindergarten books for my 5 year old :)

  34. Brandi D. says

    We do a ton of printing, this would help out so much with ink!

  35. Libby Rosengren says

    Fun giveaway! I’d be using it for supplies we need this year.

  36. I need new lined notebooks and sundry assorted items for the kids–that’s what I would I would buy with the card.

  37. Lisa Mitchell says

    Still need to buy Mystery of History vol 3. Amazon gc would be perfect. :)

  38. Amy Duval says

    I am debating on buying more Professor Noggins card games.

  39. Corey and Courtney Herendeen says

    Yay for giveaways! My Amazon wishlist is crazy full… but my biggest wants are an abascus that I’ve been eyeballing for a long time for my hands-on math kid, and I also really need to get some flex binders for my instructor’s guides for school this year!

  40. We always need more books to keep up with the kids reading. Also printer ink and paper!

  41. Trinity52607 says

    still lots of books I’d like to get!

  42. Christy K says

    Art supplies!

  43. A proclick!

  44. I think we’re just about there but there’s always something I need :)

  45. Sandy Minnich says

    I would’ve d use it for Mystery of History book 4.

  46. Tammy Jones says

    I would get either books or a Boogie Board for my youngest to practice his writing. Thank you for the chance to win!

  47. Sandy Minnich says

    I would get the Mystery of History 4.

  48. I am a little behind , still need allot of things.

  49. Joyce Van Den Berg says

    Thanks for the giveaway! We’re in the stage of getting the last of the little things. Paper, card stock, a couple of art notebooks, and some final handicraft supplies.

  50. I need to stock up on basic supplies…pencils, paper, etc. I didn’t get any last year because I had so many, but need them again!

  51. Melissa Howell says

    My oldest starts kindergarten this year, and I haven’t gotten any of his supplies yet (or a backpack). Eek!

  52. Melissa Piper says

    I would put it towards a new printer!

  53. Beverly Butts says

    Still have to buy one set of curriculum and basics supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc)

  54. Stephanie Radtke says

    There are ALWAYS books on my wish list, which we all use. ;)

  55. Beverly Butts says

    Still have to buy basic supplies.

  56. Would love this for us. Need camper supplies for our real life adventures!

  57. Just some supplemental books and french.:)

  58. I would use it to buy a new backpack for my son

  59. we’re already stocked up with school supplies, would use it towards basics we need during the year

  60. Julia Cosgrove says

    I need ink for our room and some additional workbooks.

  61. Sharon Dail Normark says

    History books.. as many as I can get! :)

  62. I’d buy more toner….Lord knows we go through that like wild!

  63. I love shopping at Amazon.

  64. Rebecca Barry says

    still need school supplies and a computer course book for my highschooler

  65. $50 at Amazon would be helpful with our last minute needs

  66. We need some more chalk pastels for art and some lined paper. Would also love to have more lamination sleeves and a comb binder!

  67. Kala Thomas DeMeyere says

    I would use it for curriculum1

  68. I still need books!

  69. steve weber says

    folders, trapper keeper and ink for printers.

  70. We still need a typing program.

  71. I would use to the gift certificate to get pens…….for me! : )

  72. It would be great to get those books on our wish list!

  73. We still need most things, I’ve been waiting to buy things we already have needed, but know there are good bargains starting now!!!

  74. I would buy the science supplies for my daughters co-op.

  75. MoniqueDG says

    Fantastic Giveaway! I’d definetly buy some more books.

  76. Definitely some school supplies! Thank you! :)

  77. I haven’t bought anything for back to school yet! I think I’m in denial that it’s coming :) I have so many things I could use it for, but I would probably cave and buy more books for my girls – they LOVE to read! (Oh and probably some more laminating pouches!)

  78. pickled pandas says

    I don’t think we’re ever “done” with everyone’s different and changing interests! I’d get some books, or maybe a review tool, and [educational] games.

  79. Chris Amador says

    Hope to win Amazon gift card to help us this coming school year.

  80. Hilarie Laughman says

    We haven’t bought any school supplies yet here, since school starts after Labor day! We’ll mostly buy just pens and pencils – some fun stuff for the kids (and maybe me). Not too much… (Although I’m sure the kids would love new pencil bags, too, if we have some extra $ to spend!)

  81. I need a few maps for my walls!

  82. I will use the card to shop for educational resources for my kids

  83. nicole henke says

    I still cant find cardstock for science experiments, apparently its the HOT item o f the B2S season, LOL, so I’d use it for that

  84. Sam Lehmann says

    Again, we are awaiting checks. So, I would buy online course books for my high schooler first.

  85. Great giveaway! I have lots of school items to still purchase!

  86. It will definitely help with back to school purchases!!

  87. jalapenomama says

    The kids are all out of school.
    I would use the gift card towards a digital camera.
    Form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  88. I would use this for books for my teens. There are a lot of books they need this year.

  89. Deborah Freeman says

    I still need a few items/books for my oldest, so this would be a blessing!

  90. Kelly Wright says

    I love buying school supplies. I think we need a few more things still.

  91. I would use the giftcard to buy some new ink for my printer.

  92. Laurie YLEO LD says

    Room set up supplies, like magazine holders for curriculum

  93. I don’t have kids, but I need some envelopes and printer ink.

  94. Janet Watson says

    I would use this for my grandsons’ classroom and would buy wish list items for his teacher, like tissues, hand sanitizer, Ziploc baggies, etc.

  95. I don’t need anything else for back to school. I would use it to buy something special

  96. I have everything I need. I would use this on me…well, probably household supplies..

  97. I still need some literature books and paper.

  98. Karen Origer-Greco says

    My biggest expense is printer ink and printer paper so that is what is would go towards.

  99. Bethany Umble says

    I would use it toward some “teacher education” books in my wishlist! : )

  100. bellagirl07 says

    I so need to get new back packs and pens and notebooks.
    heather hgtempaddy@Hotmail.com

  101. Charis Chapman says

    Fun school supply extras! I’d love the gel pens and boogie board you posted!

  102. Leslie Sholly says

    We are looking over what we have for last year and we are pretty well-supplied! But I’m sure I will find something to use it on!!

  103. Allison Gingras says

    I never feel like I have enough … then at the end of the year I am selling huge piles of unused books lol

  104. This sounds like a great thing! and would be so much fun

  105. Tracy Kocsis says

    Paper and ink for the printer…you can never have too much!

  106. Ryan Lemen says

    I would love to get Life of Fred books with the gift card.

  107. April Allgood Kelly says

    I would probably get ink form printer and some Journaling markers.

  108. For me printer paper

  109. AStableBeginning says

    I need to get two pair of headphones with microphones for our online Tapestry of Grace co-op class. Winning would purchase those with a little left over for some cute erasers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Teresa Locklear says

    Math for my 5th grader.

  111. Heather Culp says

    I still have several books I need to order. This gift card would be very helpful!

  112. Annette Fisher says




  114. We could def use some more school supplies, printer ink would help also!

  115. I would purchase books to use with an awesome curriculum called Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Hope King:)

  116. Natalie Hand says

    I would probably get some chapter books for my insatiable readers!!!

  117. I would probably buy some more pro-click spines and a new pencil sharpener.

  118. Jen Westphal says

    I would use it for printer ink!

  119. JediTahiri Veila says

    Ooh… I’m always a fan of pens… there are so many different kinds that can be used for so many different assignments and such. Maybe some supplies to make slime… we just finished the first week of school and my students are already begging to make slime. :)

  120. Amy Fulton says

    I have a some books in my amazon cart that are not essential but definitely on my “want” list! I would finally grab those and pick up a new board game to give us something fun to start the year off with!

  121. Thanks for the giveaway! I have my eye on a few art books I would purchase!

  122. Kristi Coday says

    I still need a writing curriculum.

  123. Maggie Pedersen says

    I would buy a new electric pencil sharpener, the old school one on the wall isn’t cuttin’ it :)

  124. Staci Channel says

    I will use it for books, books, and more books!!!

  125. I would use the gift card for extras… books and curriculum I’d like but didn’t fit in the budget.

  126. Candace Miller says

    I would use the giftcard for homeschool supplies

  127. Juanita Robinson says

    Just waiting to buy the science curriculum. Haven’t even started looking at supplies (I’ll buy them AFTER all the back to school shopping is done…. when it’s 75% off. The kiddos won’t die from using short pencil crayons!)

  128. nicole henke says

    i am actually still debating word up and would probablu use the card for root word flash cards and ancient civ activity books

  129. Sarah Phillips says

    I could really use more printer paper! I would also like to buy “The History of the Ancient World” by Susan Wise Bauer for myself so I can relearn some history as I’m going through Story of the World with my boys. Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. Kerry Fritz says


  131. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would use this for my kids, and I pretty much need everything.

  132. HS kraftmaking says

    I still need to get more crayons and notebooks for kids.

  133. Jeanna johnson says

    I would use it to buy my monthly prime pantry items which consists of school lunch items!

  134. If I won I would use the gc to stock up on pens and pencils and notebooks.

  135. I am still looking for a backpack.

  136. marilyn bridges says

    An amazon gift card would come in so handy for the beginning of the school year to use on supplies!

  137. I still have some literature I need to buy for my 9th grader.

  138. Danielle Hull says

    I would save it for a good deal on colored pencils, plus buy a read-aloud book or two :)

  139. PhancyPheet says

    We still need printer ink and paper.

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