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3 Things I’m Loving this Week

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Truthfully there are more than three things that I could list that I’m absolutely loving at this moment, but three seems like a non-overwhelming number to share. :) The below are things we have been using during our homeschool time, two that are new and one that is a favorite and dusted off the shelf for use again this year. 

1. Our new pencil sharpener. It may be an old-fashioned turn-by-hand sharpener, but when our electric one died the first day of school (and caused much wailing from a few children), it was a huge relief when this one showed up from Amazon. I knew our old one was about to go, and it arrived just in time. There are now pencil shavings everywhere and super-sharp pencils on everyone’s desk thanks to children who are more than happy to sharpen everything in sight since this one actually works. 

2. The Cat of Bubastes audio book. If there is one company our family loves listening (and re-listening) to audio books from, it’s Heirloom Audio. The Cat of Bubastes is their latest audio drama focusing on ancient Egypt, set around the time of Moses. We have had this one in the car, and it’s one that everyone enjoys quieting down and focusing on (and laughing, gasping, etc…). There are very few audio books our kids are excited to see and don’t fuss about when they are popped into the CD player, and it is very normal to hear past adventures playing in the kids’ rooms during their rest times.

3. The Draw Write Now series. This set of books has been on our bookshelf for years, but we’ve pulled them off for the boys to use (especially Kaleb) during our history time. For him, it adds in one of his favorite things (drawing) with one of his least favorite (writing), but gives him a chance to practice his handwriting and a small amount of copywork. Right now we’re studying early explorers, so the second book in the series is perfect to go along! We’ve been using our draw and journal printables as we work through the pages and they’ve been perfect. I’m pretty sure we’ve had these books for almost ten years now – well worth the money we paid for them since the kids have used them over and over. 

That’s it for us this week – what are you loving right now?



This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Padma Krishnan says

    Hi Jolanthe,
    I am enjoying the new school year series that you are posting.
    I would love this series but they are too expensive and we are not a re -reading/ re-listening family. I have written to our charter school requesting to purchase these, so looking forward to them buying a copy !
    thank you.

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