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Skip Counting Charts from 2 to 12

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Skip counting is one thing that we can definitely do a little more of in our house, but as you all know ~ I like to make stuff and make it cute.

I mean, how horrible would it be to just have NUMBERS on a document?

These skip counting charts cover the numbers from 2 up to 12. Each chart starts with a little ‘rhyme’ at the top, show how skip counting with that number works and then skip counts up to whatever 12 x that particular number would be.

skip counting thumbnail 1 Click on graphic to download

These have already been a huge help in our house. We use them every day as a part of our morning routine and even our 3 year old tries to repeat the numbers along with us!

Enjoy them!!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  • Guest

    I love your skip counting cards!!  However, on the number 15 card there are some errors.  I have not looked over the other cards yet.  Is there any way you could correct and re-post them?  Thanks.

  • http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/ Jolanthe

    Not sure why the corrected file isn’t up there. Thanks for letting me know. I just made sure it was re-published!! :)

  • Lori Ann

    I know this is an old post, but thank you for this! My friend did a presentation using your cards for our Classical Conversations training, so I had to find these! I will be sharing this with my CC group this fall!

  • http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/ Jolanthe

    so glad they are still helping people!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachelha Rachel Ha


  • http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/ Jolanthe

    you are welcome!! :)

  • fdhfdg

    pangit kayo

  • kasondra shaver

    It’s still helping people…..thanks for the skip counting cards!!