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White-Out Snow Craft

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All of our kids had a great time working on this craft ~ especially Kaleb. Actually, Kaleb had way too much fun. By fun, I mean that Kaleb was painting his face with the white-out brush, painting the table, took a lick of white-out, and then dropped it on the floor.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to get white-out off my wood floor.


BUT the end result was much better than the actual process, so maybe MY misfortune can help you all find a better process. :)

The project is actually two layers ~ a transparency sheet lays over top of a picture that your child has colored. Then you add ‘snow’ to the picture by painting on the transparency layer.


What You’ll Need:

  • a jar of white-out
  • white paper
  • clear tape
  • colored pencils
  • transparency sheets
  • scissors or paper cutter

How to Make Your Snow Scene:

Our pictures were a half sheet of paper {5 1/2” x 8 1/2”}.

  • Cut your sheet of paper and overhead transparency sheet in half so that they are the above size. You can use a full sheet if you want to also.
  • Tape the transparency sheet to the top of the paper on one of the sides, so that you can open it like a book.
  • Have your child color a scene/picture on the paper using colored pencils or crayons.
  • Flip the transparency over top of the picture and let your child add snow to the picture scene.

Here is how Zachary’s picture looked with and without his snow.

White Out Painting

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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