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We’re Going to Have Fun with Flat Flash (and You Can Too!)

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This last month (well, now that May is almost over – let’s just say TWO months), my reading pile has been taunting me. I did get some of my April reading pile finished, but there are several books that just stayed in the pile, especially when a fun book from my online friend Rachel Anne Ridge showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago.

flash the donkey

I put everything aside and immediately sat down to read Flash. I got through a whopping two chapters and then life got crazy hard. I carried poor Flash around with me everywhere. Doctor’s appointments, hospital tests – hoping that I’d have a chance to crack open the book more, but nothing.

The kids keep reminding me. Asking me how it was, and wanting to know what life lessons the donkey named Flash was teaching me (they are very good cover readers and really do want to know).

This week though, I’m going to make them the kids are going to have some fun with me and Flat Flash (think Flat Stanley, donkey style). We’re printing off a copy of Flat Flash and just do a few things to make us laugh together. AND you all can join in on the fun with me too!

#FlatFlash Contest

flat flash printable 1

Rachel is hosting a #FlatFlash contest through Monday, May 25th and has some great prizes she is offering to the person who gets creative with their Flat Flash the Donkey: a $50 gift card, an autographed copy of Flash, and a painting by Rachel. (I have a piece of her artwork and love it!!)

The way to enter and play along  is super easy – ready?

  • Download and print off your choice of Flash images – find them here.
  • Take your Flat Flash on an adventure with you this week! We’re headed to the pool, around town, biking – Flash is going to take quite a few trips with us! I have a feeling he will be playing games with us as well…
  • Document what you are doing on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use the hashtag #FlatFlash
        You have until Monday night (5/25) to post your

#FlatFlat photo, and the winner (with the most inventive photo) will be announced on Tuesday, so get busy snapping your pictures and sharing them!

The kids are especially excited (no, really they are!!) because yesterday we found out that I won a trip to go meet Flash (and Rachel too, of course!). I may be especially excited, because Rachel is someone I’ve ‘known’ online for years, read her blog, and now I get to hug her neck IN PERSON. (I’ll be honest and tell you that I cried when I found out – true. Then I screamed and ran to tell the kids, who now refer to her as the donkey-book lady. Love them).

So – go print off a copy of Flat Flash. Have some fun with me this weekend and take Flash around with you. While you’re at it, check out Rachel’s new book, Flash, too, ok? I promise, the two chapters I’ve read so far are great – and I’m planning to read the rest of it this weekend when I sit lazily by the pool!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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