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Visitors from Holland ~ PreK and Kindergarten Community

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Overall, a fairly quiet week at our house. Well, except that my cousin and her son are visiting from Holland. It has been so much fun watching our children play together, especially with the language difference. The first day everyone was running around the house chasing each other. When Kaleb ran past he was laughing and shouting, “I have NO idea what he is saying!” Just a few moments later, my cousin’s son ran by and said to her in Dutch, “I have NO idea what they are saying!”

We still took time each day to work on a bit of school and are *this* close to finishing all of our subjects. We wrapped up the last of our Nancy Larson Science K this week {woot!}. Reading will be a subject that we will continue to work on in the upcoming months. And math…just a few more lessons til we are done {shhhh…we may skip them!}.

mechanics at the children's museum

The kids have been asking for months to visit our nearby children’s museum again, so we took an afternoon to spend some time there. Even I forgot how much fun we have there!

Everyone is so VERY excited that our trip to Disney is in less than a week {and so am I}!! Cannot wait to share some fun pictures with you soon!

Fun Ideas from Readers

Thanks to all of you or so generously sharing your ideas with all of us each week! Here are a few that have recently linked up and shared some fun ideas.

Check out the SUPER cool light table that Life is Good showcased this week. Her hubby put it together for their daughter. Amazingly cool!

Teach Beside Me made some alphabet pop art with her kids. I love all the fun colors!

Tots and Me made counting a definite hands-on activity this week. They used pieces of masking tape to label fingers from 1 to 10.

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  1. Claire Angelicscalliwags says

    Oooooh, so excited for you! How lovely to actually finish a school year. We school all year round so never have the satisfaction of ‘finishing’. Have a lovely time this week building your excitement levels to titanic proportions!!

    • that’s one thing I do love about the not-so-much year round. :) We don’t typically take as long of a break in the summer, but it is nice to have an ‘end’ in site! :)

  2. Glad you guys had such a good week!! The kids were cracking me up last Saturday :-P You going to the picnic today?

  3. Debbie N. says

    One of my daughter’s best friends is Dutch. We’ve been to visit them in Holland only twice, but it always amazes me how well they play together with one speaking only English and the other speaking only Dutch!

  4. Amanda Burt says

    I also have family in Holland, I remember when I was 11 I went for my first visit. We would go back and forth with a English/Dutch dictionary, slowly pointing to the words we were trying to say! Great Memories. I had a quick question about your science program. My daughter is finishing K, so I would like to jump into grade 1 program. Do you recommend not doing this? Does it build off the previous levels? Also, is the program designed to last the whole year?

    • If you want to email me directly, I can talk more with you about the Science K vs. 1 program. The program is designed to use the entire year. :) We LOVE Nancy Larson!!

  5. Don’t you just love how kids can play together even with a language barrier? Play is a universal language!

    Thanks for hosting us all again! (And I forgot to add ages to my entry.. AGAIN. Oy.)

  6. Shauna @MyShaeNoel says

    I love how with children, language isn’t a barrier when it comes to good old fashion play time! Thanks for hosting this link party. I am glad to be back participating.

  7. MomLaurM says

    So fun! And hilarious reactions from the kids! :0) Sad we won’t see you at TEach Them Diligently, but excited for you for Disney! What an opportunity!

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