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Valentine’s Day Fun ~ Preschool Corner

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Out of all of the Valentine’s Day books that we had in our pile this week, the one that Kaleb kept pulling out over and over again to read with me was Snowy Valentine by David Peterson.  It really is one of the sweetest books and one that I am so glad I ended up buying this one.

At the end of the week, Kaleb gave me a story summary and chose the Snowy Valentine and here is his retelling of the story:

“Jasper had no gift. He stopped at the porcupine house. Then he stopped at the frog’s house. Then he stopped at the flower cart. Then he stopped at the fox’s house. He almost got cooked. Then escaped quick as a bunny. He stopped at the cardinal’s house and he saw he made a heart in the snow. His wife saw the heart. She loved the heart made out of the snow. His clothes were wet.”

All in all, a pretty good summary, but the illustrations are so absolutely precious and it is a wonderful story {Valentines’ Day or not!}.

We used many of the printables from the Valentine’s Day Printables, and had a lot of ‘hands-on’ fun as well. Here’s a look at our week {and for the record, Kaleb DOES where different shirts, but he tends to get ‘stuck’ in one shirt and refuses to change it unless it is filthy by his standards, not mine}.

Heart Hot Dogs ~ One day we had a special hot dog lunch with veggies…shaped like hearts. One of the kids managed to use up all of my toothpicks, so they were held together with uncooked spaghetti. You do what you have to…


Valentines ~ Kaleb wrote his name over and over to sign valentines for all of his friends in co-op. The kids also spent an afternoon making TONS of valentines for each other, Mommy and Daddy, and some friends that were visiting. SO much fun!




Cookies ~ Well, sort of cookies. I took the easy way out of baking and we made these super-easy Pretzel and Chocolate Buttons. We unwrapped a Hershey Kiss, put one on each of our square pretzels, popped the tray in the oven for 5 minutes at 250 and then pushed an M&M into the top of the melted kiss. And enjoyed them immensely.




Painting ~ We used celery to make ‘roses’ on a big sheet of paper. We dipped the end of the celery stalk into paint and stamped it onto the paper {thanks to this idea from here}. The boys then had much fun using the leaves to add greenery.




Estimating with Candy ~ I put a bunch of our candy in a canning jar and had all of the kids guess how many pieces of candy there were in the jar. We counted by 5’s and 10’s together to add them up. And of course we ate some.


Reading ~ Well, this wasn’t exactly Valentine’s Day related, but we’re still working on reading with All About Reading Level 1 and Kaleb has completed 9 of the lessons so far. We’re going through at least one lesson a week and breaking it up each day to go at his pace. There are some days that he wants to do more, so we move along as he is ready.


That’s about it for our week. I’m sure we’ll be sneaking in some more Valentine’s Day fun next week too. What have you been doing this week?



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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Such a cute week! Have a great weekend =)

  2. How fun!  I love those pretzel and chocolate button snacks…perfect combination of sweet & salty!!

  3. ArtMamaBlog says

    I love all your Valentine’s Day ideas!  I’m planning *two* parties for next week (one for our homeschool group and one for family), and these will all be so very helpful – thanks for sharing :)  Blessings, Collette

  4. Oh my goodness, those heart hotdogs are the cutest little things! Thank you for sharing such fun ideas as always :) Have a fun weekend!

  5. What a great week!  I love the picture of the boys painting!! 

  6. Oh I LOVE the heart hot dog idea! I’ll have to remember that one!

  7. Jennyandben says

    have to tell you, those pretzel treats are super yummy made w/ rolos and PB M&Ms (and, of course, the popular rolo and pecan combo).

  8. you are so inspiring!

  9. I love the pretzel and m&m snack. It is the perfect baking for tired mommies!!

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