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Twister and Twister Curves {Guidecraft Mom Review}

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Open-ended toys, the ones that don’t scream “you have to use it EXACTLY like this!” are great to help kids use more of their imaginations. Twisters and Twister Curves from Guidecraft are construction toys that definitely let your children create and imagine away to their heart’s content.

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The basic Twisters set includes 66 pieces, 24 connecting rods, and a small pair of ‘pliers’ to pull the connectors out of the pieces. The Twister Curves {91 pieces} set has all curved pieces and a great add-on to the Twister set. There are 66 curved pieces {red, yellow, blue and green} and includes 24 connectors and 1 tool.

Our kids all sat down to play with them together and start creating. Zachary immediately pulled out the small flyer that came along with the set to get a few ideas. The flyer doesn’t give directions on how to make the various objects, but just an example of them.

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Out of all of the Guidecraft Toys we’ve played with, this is one that hasn’t been as huge of a hit as I expected it to be, but only with the boys. The toy is recommended for ages 3 and up, but our younger two {ages 4 and 6} were quickly frustrated with it not ‘staying together’ the way that they wanted it too. They could build something, but many times the pieces would fall to one side when they couldn’t use the connectors the way they wanted to.

The oldest two {ages 8 and 10} were very creative in their designs and more patient, so their time was much more enjoyable {for them and me ~ grins}. They actually ended up helping the boys quite a bit with their creations, and then stayed around much longer to continue playing with them.

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Twisters and Twister Curves can be purchased directly from the Guidecraft website, via their NEW Facebook page, or from Amazon. If you’d like to win a set for your kids, Carisa from 1+1+1=1 is giving away a set of Twisters and Twister Curves! The giveaway ends Sunday, May 22nd {US residents only}.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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