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Twenty Inches of Snow and No Power

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Preschool CornerThis week started off smoothly and by early Wednesday the kids were all whooping and hollering – REAL snow was officially falling. Not the ‘if you get a magnifying glass out you might see it snow’ – LOTS of snow.

To the tune of TWENTY inches. While the snow was nice, the downed trees that caused a loss of power – not so much. At the moment we are still without power {and heat} and doing our best to stay warm!

Wednesday was officially deemed a snow day because the likelihood of us seeing that much snow anytime soon – slim. That and the fact it is supposed to be 60 degrees by the weekend means we need to enjoy it while it is here!

Thursday we all huddled together in the living room to read together and play games and then bundled up to work in the light of the dining room. The kids might think it’s an adventure, but I’m ready to be able to flush the toilet correctly and not worry about all the food in our fridge.

Here’s a peek into our week – the crazy and the normal!

Taking a Tour of France

Learning about France with Madeline and Little Passports (9)

Kaleb had his Little Passports suitcase out as a reminder to me to bring him a new country {he obviously likes the program!}. Up this week was the country of France. After we read the letter from Sam and Sofia and opened up the poster from them, we found France on our map and talked about ways that we could get there from where we live {boat, airplane, etc…}. We added our France boarding pass tag to our suitcase with the grand plan of completing the additional online activities another day – which didn’t end up being this week thanks to a lack of power and internet.

Learning about France with Madeline and Little Passports (1)

One of the books on our shelf to read together has been Madeline. Since we were talking about France, we pulled it off to read together. This was a great tie-in and gave us a chance to talk about rhyming, more about the Eiffel Tower, counting in pairs {the girls all line up two by two} – so a GREAT extension for a country study {and fun}.

Learning about France with Madeline and Little Passports (7)

Kaleb colored a small version of the flag of France {from our France geography printables} and then cut it out and taped it to a straw to play with. He also colored a picture of the Eiffel Tower {and was rather upset I made his use crayons – go figure}.

Leprechaun Math

St. Patrick's Day Math Printalbes 

I had printed out a copy of the St. Patrick’s Day Math games but didn’t have a chance to laminate them before we used them. Instead, I slid a few of the pieces into a page protector so that we could work on them with a dry erase marker. {See how we use page protectors to reuse workbooks}.

Preschool in the Snow-21

For the numbers 1-30, Kaleb put them in numerical order first and then sorted then by even and odd numbers.

Greater than and less than worksheet

The greater than and less than sheet was a huge hit. Kaleb kept making up crazy numbers and laughing at what he was doing. We finally got around to numbers UNDER fifty which was great practice or him to write {and for me to sneak in some handwriting for him}. He is still reversing some of his numbers every now and then.

St. Patrick's Day Math activities (5)

Tally marks FINALLY clicked this week too – yay!! We set the timer for five minutes and he rolled away making tally marks as he went – definitely something that we will pull out to work on again!! Counting by 5’s is still something that we are working on because he can’t seem to grasp it yet. 10’s we have down pat though!

For the rest of the week – it was just enjoying the snow!! Below was early Wednesday morning. Snow continued to fall the rest of the day but the kids were outside at 7am ready to play!



That was our week! Did you all get any snow this week? {if you are in Florida, I don’t know that I’m ready to talk to you at the moment – as I shiver in our cold, cold house without power – wink}. What fun things did you do together this week?


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  1. I hope your power comes on very soon! Let me know if you need anything! See you at co-op tomorrow :-)

  2. I’d share some of that snow if we could! Looks like fun snow play!

    This is my first time getting to link-up, and I’m excited! (Although, I just realized I forgot to put the ages in the title! Oops! At least I included the word “preschool.” It’s ages 2-5ish.)

  3. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    It’s a miracle you got anything achieved! Well done you! I would have called a ‘snow day’, followed by a ‘power cut day’, followed by a ‘we need to eat all the food in our fridge day and certainly don’t have time for school’ day….well, you get the picture! (obviously, I just not dedicated enough!) You did well, Jolanthe!!

  4. Shaunna Evans says

    We didn’t get any snow. But I do live in Florida, and it may be a tiny bit comforting to know that it was probably our coldest week this year. No snow, no loss of power, but enough to remind us why we appreciate living in a typically warm climate. But my kids would LOVE to play in the snow (at least for the day). Hope all is back to normal soon.

  5. Okay, if it’s going to snow, that’s the kind of snow to have! Well, except the no power part. That’s no fun. But that’s some seriously fun snow for playing. Praying that your power is restored by the end of the day.

  6. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Ack, 20 inches? I’m so thankful that southern VA just got some rain. I’m sure my kids would’ve preferred the snow. lol Hope your power is back on soon.

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