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**Kaleb is 25 months**
We didn’t have any special time for Tot School set aside this week, since we are just enjoying the fact that Daddy is able to be at home, not working any overtime and just HERE!! Add Christmas into the mix…and it’s all understandable.

But Kaleb is still keeping busy and picking up new things every day! And with Christmas having come and gone there were new toys to play with and fun things to do!

The girls had a lot of fun turning a box into a car for Kaleb and he LOVED the attention and the moving parts. Laurianna planned the whole thing out and even cut out a steering wheel for him and attached it with a brad so he could turn the wheel.

One of Kaleb’s favorite new phrases is “I don’t hab it! (I don’t have it)” and he holds up his chubby little hands ever-so-cutely while saying it. That phrase gets a lot of giggles, so the other three love to ask him questions purposely just to have him answer cutely.

Even though we don’t celebrate Santa (we do have books, etc… about him), Kaleb notices Santa everywhere! When we read “The Night Before Christmas” he kept jumping up and pointing to Santa’s picture. The cutest was Christmas morning when he saw my parent’s stockings that were red and white, ran up to one of the stockings and hugged it yelling, “SANTA!!”

And the favorite gift of everyone this week has been the kid’s digital camera. Even Kaleb is trying to get in on the picture taking and walks around with the camera, saying “cheese” to anything and anyone.
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Have a great New Year!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. You welcome, thkans for visiting here too! I love reading other blogs. I love seeing and hearing what other moms do..I get so many great ideas like your book suggestion. Thanks!

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