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Tot School ::3::

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This week for Tot School things were a little crazier (a lot to do during the day with preschool starting for big brother…and a new routine to adjust to), but we still squeezed in time together and are adjusting everyone to the “Mommy gets to spend special time with Kaleb” routine too!

Getting rid of our high chair and moving Kaleb to the booster seat so he can sit at the table has been a huge help – although he still wants to be buckled in constantly and then sometimes can’t reach the activity that we are doing. In his little mind: booster = must be buckled. :)

We spent some time playing with some animal magnets that I found last week. He loved pulling them off and rearranging them, dropping them in and taking them out of the bag. We tried driving the tractor around on the table, but the magnet he was most interested in? A haybale. Go figure.

Kaleb loves the stacking cups and is beginning to consistenly get them in the right ascending order.

Ever since I pulled this ring stack out again (I know it’s more of an infant toy, but I’m working on the size differences and stacking them correctly) he has been carrying it around the house and wanting to take it to bed with him. Now, of course, the rings are located all over my house (and good luck to me in finding them all).

Kaleb has also discovered where Mommy has been hiding the crayons and has great fun dumping them out and then putting them back in the box. I can’t complain if he wants to clean them up, so I just take pictures. He is having a lot of fun coloring and is sitting for much longer time periods to scribble away now.

I pulled out some of our puzzle blocks to stack, and he wanted more to stack so we pulled out the 1″ blocks too (much better).

He also loved trying out the lacing cards. He was able to get the string into several of the holes, and then let me pull the string tight for him.

That’s it for this week – be sure to click on the Tot School link above to see how other moms are incorporating Tot School into their day!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Is that the Meliss and Doug magnetic/white board? I’m thinking of getting one for my daughter and am wondering what you think of yours (if that is what it is).

    My daughter also loves to dump the crayons and then put them back in the box. I guess it’s good for developing better hand control, right?


  2. That looked like a fun week.

  3. The four little penguins say: says

    How fun! Your kids are so cute. :)

  4. Mary@notbefore7 says

    You are super creative. I am only getting kindergarten going…can’t imagine tot school…yet….poor D ;)

  5. Hi there, this is my first time doing with tot school. I just did my first post.

    My 16 month old loves the stacking rings and I know what you mean about them being all over the place. Also when she colors, I only give her a few at a time because she flings and then when she wants more, she yells and if I don’t get them RIGHT away she flings. Very annoying but I can’t get her to stop.

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