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The Messiah Mystery ~ a Family Lent Study

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Messiah Mystery - a family study for Lent from FamilyLife.com

Has your family ever observed Lent? Maybe you aren’t quite sure what the Lent season even is {I’ll admit that I wasn’t quite sure myself!!}.

Simply put, Lent is the season leading up to Easter where we anticipate one of the greatest miracles of all – when Jesus willing gave His life for us.

Family Life has put together an amazing resource for families to use during the Lent season – a six session study {one session a week for the 40 days leading up to Lent} where families can search for clues called The Messiah Mystery.

The Messiah Mystery Lent Study

Messiah Mystery - a family study for Lent from FamilyLife.com

The Messiah Mystery study was created by Barbara Rainey at Family Life, so families would have a resource to teach kids the truths about Easter and the ‘clues’ that the Bible shares about Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection long before He was even born.

Each session starts with an optional activity and is then divided up into sections that are read together, questions that are asked and answered, and several clues that are searched for during the lesson. The lessons focus on six places in the Bible where your little sleuths can search: the Garden of Eden, the mountain {with Abraham}, the Desert {the Exodus story and Passover}, the House {the Tabernacle}, the Scrolls {the Dead Sea Scrolls}, and the Vineyard.


The study is designed to use with a range of ages and is adaptable to the ages of your children. You can have older children participate in the reading, read less for younger children {key paragraphs are in bold print}, and also work on some fun hands-on activities together. There are little ‘clues’ that kids look for in the lessons and need to use a magnifying glass to find. Children keep track of the clues using their ‘clue books’.

The study also includes a numbered paper chain that has forty links. Each day, one of the forty links in the paper chain is removed and added to the go-along poster for the Messiah Mystery. The strips together form one large image that children use to search for a final clue to the Messiah Mystery.

Messiah mystery thumbnail

Included in each Messiah Mystery Kit is the following: the family guide, two ‘clue’ books, 40 strips for the paper chain, a magnifying glass, and a poster to add to your wall when putting the strips together.

We are so excited to use this resource with our family this year and know that you all will love it as well!

This post is our honest review of a product that we received for free. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. The Garden of Eden

  2. What a great ind. I love how in-depth it looks!

  3. I am SO SAD that they have already sold out- so I made certain to enter in all they ways available! ;0)

  4. I already subscribe to Homeschool Creations and I repinned it on Pinterest.

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  6. This looks great! Did everything I can to win! :)

  7. I am so bummed that they sold out! I found your blog in doing a search to see if I could find it elsewhere. I listened to the podcast about the Messiah Mystery the other day and I have now learned my lesson and will listen on that day instead of over a week later. I guess I missed our on your giveway too. Glad your family was able to enjoy it!

    • Be sure to bookmark it for next year!! Sorry that you missed the giveaway – I tried to run it so that the winner would receive it in time to start Lent. :)

  8. So sad they sold out. Found out about this too late! Would love to win this!

  9. Just an FYI: I went ahead and ordered this even though they were out and I received mine yesterday. We’re gonna start doing it!

  10. I just wanted to tell you how much my children have enjoyed the Messiah Mystery! We all look so forward to the readings and the poster puzzle that is slowly being filled in. I’ll be sad when it is done. Thank you again for this blessing you gave us. Thank you.

    • Only a few more strips left to finish our poster. We’ve loved it as well!! Thanks for letting me know that your family did too!!

  11. We did Messiah Mystery this year and LOVED it! The last clue on the poster near the lamb Jesus is holding eluded us though. Anyone get it?

  12. AutumnTruth says

    Do any of you do the Messiah mystery year after year and if so, do your kids still enjoy each year or do they get bored with it? And what ages are your children?

    • You can! We won’t use the poster again because we already completed it, but I have the cards and the middle I AM banner hanging from our mantle right now so we can read the cards and talk over them.

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