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The Legend of the Easter Egg Bag Book

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Leave it to a friend to remind me about The Legend of the Easter Egg, a well-loved book in our house, and the lapbook that I put together many years ago and shared at Homeschool Share. Yes, it’s true – I forget some of the printables I make. My brain must be getting old.

Legend of Easter Egg Bag Book

Instead of making a lapbook to go along with The Legend of the Easter Egg, we made a bag book. Curious what a bag book is? It’s super simple, I promise:

  1. Lay a stack of small paper bags on top of each other  {we alternated four bags top to bottom}
  2. Fold the stack in half {so they form a square booklet}
  3. Punch a few holes along the fold
  4. Tie a ribbon to hold the bags together.

The bags make a small book of sorts and then we added in fun clip art and lapbook pieces to go along with our book. {Here’s an online tutorial for making a bag book}.

While we didn’t use every lapbook piece from the Legend of the Easter Egg unit, we did read the book together almost every day and then picked a few things daily to talk about in more detail: weather, language, feelings, science, etc… It was a great way to talk about Easter and learn together – and most importantly, have fun!

The Parts of an Egg

examining an egg shell

We have plenty of eggs in our house, so we pulled an egg or two out to crack open and examine. This was a great hands-on time to look at a few parts of the egg: the shell, the yolk, the egg cell, the chalazae, and the albumen {the white}, and that tiny little air sac. There is a great go-along printable for the Legend of the Easter Egg lapbook that we used to label the parts after we poked and inspected our own egg.


eggs in vinegar experiment

There were three egg experiments that we worked on together. First we hard boiled a LOT of eggs {had to save some to color later in the week!}.

  • Experiment #1: Which spins faster: a hard boiled egg or a raw egg? We made predictions and then ran our experiment. I can’t tell you the answer – you need to try it for yourself!
    the soft shelled egg that popped
  • Experiment #2: What happens when a hard boiled egg soaks in vinegar for one day? We actually soaked a hard boiled egg and a raw egg in vinegar to see if there would be any difference. Kaleb thought the squishy eggs were MUCH fun to poke, especially when the raw egg ‘popped’ and the shell was all limp on the plate.
  • Experiment #3: What happens when the egg from Experiment #2 sits out of the vinegar for 24 hours. We’re still waiting to see the results of this one, but Kaleb is checking it faithfully!

Weighing Chocolates

weighing chocolate

The little boy in story, Thomas, wakes up one morning in a candy shop {literally}. Every child’s dream, right? We pulled out our Chocolate Fix game and used our bucket balance scale to weigh the different chocolates and also compare their weight to other things around the room {crayons, paper clips, etc…}.

We also talked about the symbolism of the Easter egg, telling time as well as days and months of the year, winter weather {hail and freezing rain}, and quite a few other things that we pulled from the book The Legend of the Easter Egg. Overall, a fun week and we’re definitely going to make another bag book again!


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bunny playdough mat

To go along with the book The Little Rabbit, Angelue from Nestpirations used a cute playdoh mat to work on 1:1 counting with her daughter. She has some other great ideas as well to go along with their unit.

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Tara from The Magnolia Barn shares a fun egg hunt for sight words that she put together for under $1 for her daughter. Games are a great way to make learning fun!

Resurrection Garden Tutorial 2


We loved putting together this Resurrection Garden last year {this year’s plan to make one got sidetracked when we all came down with a bug}. This is a no-fail way to grow grass and it sprouts quickly!!

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  1. Claire @ Angelicscalliwags says

    Thanks for hosting, Jolanthe! Hope you have a lovely and peaceful Easter weekend!

  2. Love those egg experiments! I honestly hadn’t heard of a “bag book” before. Thanks for sharing a tutorial!

  3. I can’t wait to try your egg-speriments :) So fun!! Thanks for the great ideas — I have to do an Easter Garden next year! Blessings to you.

  4. Tara from The Magnolia Barn says

    Jolanthe, thank you for featuring us! I can not wait to try the Resurrection Garden next year. Happy Easter!

  5. Angelue @ Nestpirations says

    Omgosh, Jolanthe! Now I know why we’ve had so many visits over at Nestpirations! You featured us! Thank you so much! Really, the inspiration for that theme all came from you sharing the printable, The Little Rabbit! Thanks for being so generous and encouraging. If ever you are looking for another homeschool mommy to take under your wing and “disciple” in the homeschooling way, I’m available! :) My girls are just 2 and 4 and we have a long road ahead of us! So, that means many, I mean MANY, more trips back to Homeschool Creations! Have a blessed week!

    • Yay!! I’m glad it was a help to your site as well. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with other moms as well!! :) You’ve got many years ahead of you!! :)

  6. Kirstylee Cassidy says

    Thanks for featuring our Easter gift ideas. I always get the best ideas from your linky. Thanks for hosting!

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