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The Final Stretch of School ~ PreK and Kindergarten Community

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Preschool and Kindergarten Community at Homeschool CreationsThis week I pulled out the last few weeks of school work and the kids were almost giddy with excitement at how LITTLE there is for us to do. Granted there are a few other things to work on as well {history, reading, etc…}, that aren’t as easy to visibly measure.

BUT…Kaleb’s desire to read this past week has been amazing. It’s like watching another little something ‘click’ in his brain. He actually keeps coming to me with his book from All About Reading and asks if he can read me a story.

I will sit down ANY DAY with him for that.

We won’t talk about how long it took him to finish a story one day this week – thanks to the multiple, multiple interruptions from siblings all.the.time. {I may have almost fallen asleep too thanks to the warm sun shining in on us at the window seat…ahem}. And yes, I just admitted that! {grins}

I have no exciting pictures to share this week with you all. We did take a field trip and went on a great nature walk, worked some more on our Nancy Larson Science {we’re growing and comparing plants right now}, made some great progress and finished up the second book in All About Reading, built a fun derby car with our Simple Machine pack from LEGO Education ®. All in all a fun week with lots of learning squeezed in!

Ideas from Readers

Here are some fun ideas that readers have shared when linking up over the last few weeks. Be sure to click over and visit their posts to say hi!!

montessori water pollution

With Earth Day coming up, you might be interested in some of the hands-on ideas that Every Star is Different shares, including this visual example of water pollution.

W is for Water - science experiments

If you are looking for some fun water science experiments, be sure to visit Train Up a Child. Not only does she have some great pictures, she shares quite a few experiments {W is for Water} that you can work on with your kids.

Spring Yarn Tree

Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs shares a fun spring tree yarn craft that she worked on with her girls. Love the pink – reminding me of all the beautiful cherry trees in bloom right now!

And I just love, love, love this Arctic sensory tub from Learning at Play. It’s cute, fun, and just makes me want to put one together. Enough said.

If you {or someone you know} is having a baby soon, share these fun learning ideas from Mama to 4 {soon to be 5!!} Blessings. She put together some hands-on learning ideas for the older siblings to get them excited about their soon-to-arrive sibling.


What have you been working on with your kids this week? Are you getting close to finishing up your year? Link up this week with your posts or leave a comment and share with us!

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  1. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    Ahhh, there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction and pride when something clicks with reading and they are away! A whole new world opens up to them. So exciting!

  2. nicole pope says

    My daughter is just a tad older than your Caleb and she just started to really read too! It’s amazing! Reading was the one thing that scared me about homeschooling, but she’s doing great. A mix between All About Spelling and a few reading programs and she’s off and running! I bought a book I was sure she wouldn’t be able to read for awhile and she flew through it last night! So fun to be the one watching all these clicks!

  3. I love that he comes asking to read! I love when my kids bring me books to read, too. (And my preschooler is beginning to read/memorize sight words.) So much fun, and love the cuddles. :-)

    Thanks for hosting us!

  4. Thanks for sharing my Spring Trees!

  5. Thank you for sharing our water unit. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing my arctic sensory bin!

  7. I actually have a great idea for your reader. If you don’t find the time sometimes to listen to him read, what about having him record his reading. Then you can listen to it when you have the time and he can listen to himself reading as well.

    • that is a great idea. :) At this point, my youngest isn’t at the point where he could do that {still needs some help with words and sounding out}, but my older son would love this. :)

    • well with an old fashioned tape recorder even a 4 yr old could do it

    • Our six year old could definitely work the tape recorder or the voice memo on the ipad – he just still needs help with reading since he doesn’t always read words correctly. There are times that he wants to ‘guess’ words and will try to make up a sentence to go with the picture, so until he is reading better, he needs a little more 1:1 help. :)

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