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Swimming and Cooking ~ Preschool Corner {& 5K Too}

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Preschool CornerKaleb has been hanging around me much of the week…or on me. Just being a snuggler ~ which may or may not be something I appreciate when it is 95 and muggy {I will never tell}. But the little man did start swimming lessons and has taken off like crazy! We had originally signed him up for swim team with the older kids, but he said he didn’t want all those people yelling at him {cheering him on in the race}.

That and he couldn’t swim at all {ahem}.

Kaleb swimming

He started lessons and every morning wants to know if he gets to go back to the pool. His teacher has been fabulous and in just a few short lessons he is already swimming with his face down and doing amazing. The sweetest part is watching all of the big kids get so excited for him and his progress!

Preschool Corner-1

Kaleb has also been on a baking kick {ok, I was, but he insisted on helping!}. This was a great chance to ‘read’ the words on the oven and follow directions and identify numbers {Push ‘bake’, the up arrow til the number is 350, then start’}. Oh, this little boy was so excited.

Preschool Corner-2

First he helped measure out the ingredients for our homemade granola bars. His favorite part was pushing it all down onto the baking pan to squish them out. Because then he could lick his fingers {and really, who can blame him}.

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

But then somebody mentioned peanut butter cookies. And when you mention cookies to a 5 year old boy, you had better be prepared to make them as well. So we made these yummy cookies ~ 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies. Yes, it has sugar in it. No flour…but they really are tasty {I promise} and very quick to make.

Preschool Corner-3

So the little boy mixed up the entire batch by himself and then helped squish the cookies down ~ and was nice enough to share some with the rest of us.

Next week, we are all excited because VBS starts!! Do you all participate in VBS over the summer at all? I’m curious too ~ daytime or night? The one we attend is during the day, but I know many that are in the evenings.

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  1. I think I’m going to sign my little one up for swim lessons..he loves the pool but doesnt want me to hold him =)

    • Kaleb did so much better with someone else teaching him! :) after 5 lessons he jumped in by the DIVING board and swam to the ladder. He told me his goggles help him float {grins}.

    • I think I am for sure going to find a class..sounds so scary and exciting. Love his outlook on goggles..lol

  2. Yay Kaleb!! He told Sammy he was taking swimming lessons when he came over with Rick. Yay for cooking! Sammy loves to help in the kitchen. Can’t wait for VBS next week :-) We hanging out at Greenberry’s?

  3. Congrats Kaleb for catching on to swimming so quickly!! It’s always so much fun with kiddies in the kitchen, watching them measure, dump and mix the ingredient is always so entertaining. Makes us moms remember when their hands were so tiny and all they could do was grasp our fingers or pull our hair.

    The cookies look so yummy!!

    We’ll be doing a lot of family picnics, beach outings, swimming etc. All the things we can think of to keep cool. It’s going to be a hot one here in Florida!!

  4. BLess you for being patient enough to teach him in the kitchen. I run out of steam trying to deal with all the little ones underfoot — it’s something that I am working on.

  5. Hi Jolanthe! We are doing similar things this summer: we had VBS in the morning last week, swim lessons next week, and baking together often. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Completely random and unrelated to your post, but I have those same kitchen towels. I guess it’s a little related because it’s in your picture :)

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