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Sweet Songs of Praise ~ Compassion Tanzania Blogging Trip {Day 1}

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There is so much that I want to share with you all as we start our Compassion blogging trip to Tanzania, but my mind is literally whirling because of some travel glitches. We just arrived in Tanzania today and immediately headed to a nearby child development center to meet the church and pastors that run the center. We asked many questions, learned SO much more about how the programs are run in conjunction with Compassion International~ and I’m going to share more about that throughout this week.


Because of all of the traveling, my body is completely out of whack {read s.i.c.k.}. I decided to stay back at the church while others on the blogging team went on some home visits. During that time I sat and talked to a few different people and little by little I was surrounded by the sweetest little faces.

Just watching me. And smiling.

As they began to gather around me, I began asking their names. Tickling bellies and then asked them to sing a song for me.

Compassion Tanzania kids singing

And truly you all ~ I was blessed beyond measure. My eyes are welling with tears picturing their sweet little faces, clapping, and singing praises to God. I’m halfway around the world and feeling sick, wanting desperately to minister to those sweet faces, and THEY are the ones ministering to me.

Simply sweet and amazing.

The center that we visited today in Mwanza serves 230+ children. Out of those children, there are over 50 that are still needing sponsors. They have become a part of the Compassion program, but need families that are willing to open their hearts and sponsor monthly. Would you be willing to sponsor a child in Tanzania for $38/month?

In addition to helping that child you are also helping the child’s family as they have more resources available for other children in the family as the needs of one are taken care of. I can honestly tell you that sponsoring a child is a blessing to your entire family as you develop a relationship with that child ~ and share so much more than just the basic needs to help release that child from poverty.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Those who went on the home visits today will also be sharing how they were impacted as the day progressed. Be sure to visit the Compassion Bloggers website to visit the blogs of others and read more. I can’t wait to share more with you this week, especially as I meet one of the children that we sponsor and hope you will continue following!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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