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Simple Science: The Plant Winners and Losers

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Admit it. You all have been waiting anxiously by your computer screens to discover the results. Ok, really not, and I’m sorry it took me an entire week to get the results posted {grins}. Will you forgive me?

You all were fairly mixed on your opinions of which plant was the winner vs. loser in our little experiment! My hubby {being the official powers-that-be} got an up close and personal look at the three plants and cast his vote too.

And for the record, he didn’t know which plant was which either, so he was an impartial voter. I didn’t hand out flyers for a specific plant before he voted, nor did I wear any “Vote for X Plant!” stickers during the process. I’m just sayin’…

All that said, he voted right down the line ~ #1, #2, and then #3 based not only on growth, but also color.

A few more pictures of the flowers before and after.


Pansies before


Pansies After

and another after…

pansies after 2 

The results… So that I would be able to keep track of which plant was which {and still keep the water types a secret…} I fed the plants water alphabetically:

Plant #1 ~ filtered and boiled water, brought to room temperature

Plant #2 ~ filtered water brought to room temperature

Plant #3 ~ filtered and microwaved water, brought to room temperature

I wasn’t sure how the plants would fare during the time of the experiment, so you might notice that plant number 2 {the one that received the filtered water only} started out a bit behind the curve. It was the ‘runt’ of the plant litter, so to say.

When the experiment was done, plant #1 {boiled water} was the tallest and flowering the most, plant #2 was doing well and flowering, and plant #3 wasn’t flowering as much.

Were the results what you expected? Truthfully, I expected much more ‘defined’ results with this and DO want to do it again, but with different plants all at the same time {i.e. two or three different plant types}. We’ll have to see if we have time later this year to do it again!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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