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SAT ACT Mastery ~ Tips and Test Tools for ALL Ages

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Have you heard of people who have made perfect scores on the SAT or ACT? How about both? Craig Gehring made perfect scores on BOTH tests and in his book SAT ACT Mastery he shares his secrets for mastering not only the test, but education overall.

SAT ACT Mastery

Although the SAT and ACT tests are some years down the road for our family, SAT ACT Mastery by Craig Gehring was a book that I found full of practical tips that our family can use in the years leading up to the tests ~ and even for other tests that our children currently take. Test taking isn’t necessarily one are that our children enjoy, especially the standardized tests, so quite honestly, I will take all of the help I can get!

Thoughts on SAT ACT Mastery

Mastery is the key to education. To master means to grasp fully, to understand every part of, to be able to do any part of a subject easily and without really even having to think about it.

~ SAT ACT Mastery, p. 13

The main focus of the book is mastery and the importance in not just learning a few facts for a test, but actually KNOWING the material so that children are able to succeed with any test that they take. 

In my initial reading of the book, I found myself turning down corners of many pages to go back and refer to throughout the years. As a homeschool mom, it was a big encouragement to me as well. Because the advice is practical and applicable, there are many things that I can begin incorporating into how I am teaching our children to ensure that they are mastering the material that we are learning.

Although mastery may seem unattainable at times, Gehring gives some great examples that parents and students alike will be able to apply to their lives. Because of the style and level that the book is written, SAT ACT Mastery would also be an excellent book to have early high-schoolers read to prepare for testing.

The book is divided into manageable chapters about:

  • vocabulary
  • secrets of math
  • memory tricks
  • talent vs. mastery
  • reading ~ how much is enough?
  • memory and repetition
  • testing tricks
  • grammar
  • importance of teaching
    Will it guarantee that my kids will score perfectly on their tests? No. It is not a ‘check each of these boxes and you will get all the answers right’ book. Rather, SAT ACT Mastery is full of tools that will help your child score better on tests, but most importantly learn how to master his overall education.
    Overall, the book is a quick read {for adults and teens} that you will refer to often when prepping for the SAT or ACT {or any other standardized test} and is one that will give you as the parent additional insights into how you can target specific areas to help your child master more in his education.

    Free Parent’s Guide to the SAT!

    Craig Gehring recently recorded an audio entitled "The Parent’s Guide to the SAT" that he is offering for free! You can find out how to download the files HERE.

    SAT ACT Mastery by Craig Gehring is available for purchase through the website and includes free s/h. You can also purchase the book via Amazon.

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    I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own.

    This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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