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Results for the $10 Back to School Challenge with Operation Christmas Child

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Earlier this month, several bloggers issued a challenge to all of you:

  • Commit to putting $10 toward an Operation Christmas Child shoebox
  • See how far you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h that $10!
  • Take pictures of your goodies and link up with the Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers on August 28th and share with others all the fun stuff you found!


Did you take the $10 Challenge this past month for Operation Christmas Child and ind some fun things and deals that you want to share with the rest of us? We would LOVE to see what you are planning to put in your shoeboxes for OCC!

Our $10 Challenge Results

For the record, trying to stick to a budget and shop with four children giddy about school supplies is enough to drive a momma crazy. Having to re-explain ‘that will NOT fit in a shoebox’ numerous times gets a wee bit tiring. {Not that I attempted to meet the Back to School $10 for Operation Christmas Child with the kids in tow or anything}.
Shopping may have been a bit more productive on a night that was a bit more quiet. {Just saying}.
While we didn’t hit any major sales {Staples had some great ones earlier in the month}, the things we found were from two main stores: Target and Walmart. Here’s a look at the goodies we found to put inside our shoeboxes later this year. The grand total for all of the supplies was $10.04.
Yes, I went a teeny-tiny bit overbudget. By a whopping .04.
$10 Operation Christmas Child Challenge
Pictured above: Colored pens {$1}, addition flashcards {1.00}, lined paper notebook {.50}, coloring book with stickers {.60}, scissors {.50}, crayons {free}, markers {.50}, watercolor paints{.97}, pencils {.50}, calculator {1.00}, sharpener, {.47}, mini-notepads {.50}, dry-erase markers {1.00}, mini-notepads {.50}, and a bouncy ball {1.00}
None of our local stores had any gigantic sales going on yet, but we did find the coloring book on clearance. Although there isn’t anything specific to go with the dry erase markers yet, I’m planning to print and laminate a few learning printables and games to put in the shoebox as well.
If you need any ideas for either boys or girls, be sure to visit the posts below from Jamie and Amy – they each share 100 ideas to pack in your shoebox.



100 Shoebox Ideas for Girls


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Helpful links about Operation Christmas Child

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Tammy Doiel (creativekkids.com says

    Great buys! I’m so glad I saw this through Jimmie Lanley–it was so much fun!

  2. oh I love the dry erase markers and laminated learning supplies!! Very fun!

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